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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Snot Fest

And I still have my head cold. I woke up WAY to early yesterday and decided to hit MILLes. I was congested, so I grabbed the box of tissues and headed to the basement.

Now our house is FREEZING. Not just the heat set low to save money... like I tend to keep my coat on most days while INSIDE the house. The hubs says it is set to 68, and we have new windows (extra expensive kind), but I do NOT understand why it is so cold. The kids even wake up in the middle of the night freezing.

But the basement is the ONLY place that is hot... and that is where MILLes sleeps. I tend to wear hardly anything on these runs and knew that the "steam" from my workouts would produce more snot than usual. I started to run and within the first mile realized that the tissue box wasn't so full. And within the the 2nd mile, I was out. The only thing I had left to my disposal was my sweat towel... so politely borrowed from my gym (I promise I will return it when the Amnesty day returns). I was cruising along, staring at myself in the mirror (1. because I do not have a TV there;  2. because there is a mirror right in front of MILLes, he enjoys looking at himself; 3. it allows me to watch my posture and unfortunately, this morning, pick a part my body), when I realized that I was trapped in the SnotFest.

It was disgusting. Even Brock was grossed out by it and not much grosses out 7 year old boys. He proceeded to ask me: Why do you have so many boogers?

After explaining the head cold, the hot basement, the sweating, he declared: I think you should just keep that to yourself.

Yes, dear boy... so would the rest of the world (but again, I am sharing it with you)... but that junk is so much better OUT than in. When I dropped it and asked if he would hand it to me, he ran. Of course, I was just trying to finish my last mile in peace. It worked!

Finished 6 miles yesterday and managed 8 miles this morning. It was still a snot fest, but I came equipped... I brought a toilet paper roll! ;-)

Happy Blowing (your nose)!!!!


coach dion said...

Just trying to picture you on the mill with hardly anything on, and a toilet role on your head!!!

kimert said...

Snot is not fun!!
HOpe you have a very Merry Christmas!!!