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Thursday, December 22, 2011

How do you COPE?

I admit that I love the endorphins of exercising. I used to turn to eating junk food or become a lazy depressed person when I was stressed or upset. Now I workout.

I know I need to give my body a break; but too often, I find myself adding another workout for the day because something didn't go as planned. I mean like running 6 miles before 5am and then running again after the kids go down because I'm upset or stressed. I ALWAYS feel better after the workout. And it isn't always running. It could be P90X or swimming, or going to the gym. Am I the only one?

I do have rest days... days that I do not do anything. Yes, it is only 1 day a week, usually Friday or Sunday but I have found that with the holidays approaching, I am not resting enough.

Sure my body feels great, but I have watched my speed average drop from 8:15s to 9:30+ since August. And more than likely, it is because of over use. While I feel fine and do not have an injury, it seems like it is all I can do to maintain at 9 min pace these days.

And I KNOW I should rest. I KNOW I should not over do it. Heck, I was waiting for December to arrive because I am not actually training for anything and have a few weeks before HIM training starts. Ok... I originally did not plan to run a marathon half marathon in DC (peer pressure), but seriously after RIC I was planning to cruise through December and just go back to running for the love of running.

So why, when I woke up WAAAAY to early this morning and could NOT go back to sleep did I run? Not just a little run... I ran 11.3 miles for "fun". I admit, I felt AWESOME afterwards. I felt strong. I felt happy.

But isn't there a way to feel that way without over doing it? One day, my body is going to give up, I am going to get injured if I do not stop over exercising. So, my friends... how do you cope with life stresses/upsets without pounding the pavement? Dare I say my heart was trying to tell me something?

One of my goals for 2012 is to find a plan and follow it. Not do more, but follow the plan and see... just for kicks what I am actually capable of. Help me?


teacherwoman said...

Once I get going on a regulary basis, I too crave those endorphins and have a hard time slowing down. As much as they make us feel better, sometimes they are doing more harm to our body. As hard as it is to take a rest day, maybe use that day to focus on the mental/emotional side. Meditate, relax, write down thoughts/feelings, ideas. This is what I try to do.

S Club Mama said...

You need a quiet space (closet? bathroom?) where you can go to pray for those times when you can't run or really do need a rest. Get a good candle, Bible, devotion, something and just talk to God and listen.

Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

I suffer the same problem. Once I get in about 3ish miles, I just want to keep going as long as the kids, time, my body will allow. Right now that is not a great thing with all the other time eating stresses that December contains. So if you get a giant pearl of wisdom make sure to pass it on!
Merry Christmas to you and your family.

coach dion said...

Hi there I get you lady and we are all in the same boat!!! But it isn't the Titanic... so we don't have to go down!!! What I do to get my speed back is get on the track!!! now I'm not saying you need to run lots and lots of 400m's or something like that, after your run do 10 strides or run throughs of about 50m. this helps get the legs turning at the right pace and your speed on your runs will return...

Good luck and all the best for Christmas

Michael said...

Taking complete rest days is one of the hardest things to eats at me all day sometimes. Of course, I used cross-training as my "excuse" to workout...if the running legs are tired and the weather permits, I hop on the bike (or the stationary version at the gym). If the legs are tired, I hit the pool (I'm NOT a kicker in the water...nearly all upper body).

I get some of my very best workouts when I'm stressed about something, so we are all with you.

Psalm 46:10 is not as easy as it sounds (the being still part anyway) :-)