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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Richmond Marathon - Part Un

Did I make you wait long enough? LOL! If you remember MCM, I had 7 parts to my recap. Hope this wont be as long.

So, G and I were in bed, lights out at 9pm. We slept warmly (temp in room when we woke up was like 78 degrees), and sometime around 1am, I just had to pee - thanks to the over hydration the day before (per my cardiologist's orders).

And after that, I tossed and turned. At 5am, G and I went downstairs to grab some breakfast, only to have it not be open until 6am, and I tried not laugh when G says to the nice lady: "Do you think I could just get a banana and you pretend we were never here?" She obliged G.

Upstairs we chatted. We dressed. We were matchy-matchy, Twinsies:

And then Bob and I said good bye to G, as she was off to meet up with her MTT posse (and some strange man to give him his bib... lol).

Bob was eerily calm. I was freaking out. I KNEW I could make it 26.2 miles, but I was so afraid that I would let Bob down. Not run the way he needed. Run out of things to talk about (and if you know me this is very rare). What if my heart freaked again. I had a plan to bow out and rejoin him at mile 20 should that happen... but I DID NOT WANT that to happen.

Soon, we started to walk to the start line. We made it to the "main drag" as the 8k started. There were definitely very fast people out there and it was definitely cold. Bob had brought us old finish line wraps to keep warm in and of course I had "sexy" throw away clothes on. Seriously the pants were from my "old days" and were huge not to mention for some reason had holes in the crotch (LOL).

We watched the 8k. We watched the million heats of the Half Marathon get started (seriously, there were like 25 starts of the half). I undressed. We queued in our corral. We were behind the 5:00 hour pace group. We were ready. We had to be... it was our turn to start!


Tricia said...

looking forward to more!

Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

You tease with your multiple posts!

I love that photo of you and G. I'm telling you I am sooo tempted to cut off all this hair.

coach dion said...

The two of you looked so cute I would have given you beakfast. (I was going to say a banana, but somehow it didn't sound right) can't wait to read the next post...