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Friday, November 18, 2011

Richmond Marathon - Part Deux

The plan that Bob had decided on (using the Jeff Galloway method) was the 30:30. Meaning 30 second walk:30 second run. It does sound complicated, but really, it is what got us to the finish line (more on that later).

Instead of starting right away on the 30:30, Bob wanted to do a slow jog to warm up. It was cold and crowded so it made sense. I allowed him to the set the pace. I think this is the first race that I actually remember the first mile. We took it slow and got to see all of the spectators... and to our surprise, we saw Bob's family right before mile 1. We both waved like crazy and smiled big! It was an awesome surprise and definitely put some pep in our step.

We started the 30:30 around mile 2 and our run pace was steady around 8:00-8:15. Honestly, for me the hardest part of the 30:30 is actually stopping appropriately. Too short can cause "jarring" in the joints and muscles (more on that later).

The course was beautiful. Fall weather, plenty of spectators and lots to see. The neighborhoods were wonderfully supportive and having our names on our bibs were great. Bob and I cruised in the first half. We felt great. It was still chilly so I kept my arm warmers (socks, thanks to G) on and my gloves (also thanks to G). The guy close to me in the Brooks jacket was Bob.

The first part is relatively flat. A couple small hills, but NOTHING to worry about. It actually was a fun half.

Bob and I talked constantly. I HIGHLY recommend running a marathon with someone you haven't seen for a while. Gives you a lot to talk about. It felt very easy.

We saw Bob's family again around mile 5. We acted crazy and it definitely pumped us up again. The sun started to get warmer around mile 6, so I tossed my gloves. And by mile 7 (near the bridge), I lost my arm warmers. The bridge was beautiful. Mile 8-10 were gorgeous along the river. It was stunning. G did not drive us on this part before and I instantly knew why. It might have taken away from the beautiful scenery. It was STUNNING. Also, around mile 7, we caught the 4:45 pace group. Bob and I smiled - BIG! If only would could hang with them.

Around mile 9, my right IT Band started to ache. I seriously started to wonder if I was going to make it. I pulled up short at a walk interval, and it seized up. I tried to not let on that I was in pain. As we approached mile 10, it started to get hilly. G had driven us on this part, so we knew what to expect. It was hard to go from a relatively flat course to hills from 10-12, but at least we had expected it. Bob tossed his jacket and I tossed my arm warmers to his family at mile 11.5. Again, we felt boosted by seeing them and as they were driving to the next part, they beeped as they passed us.

We crossed the mat at 13.1 at 2:20. We were doing EXTREMELY well... too well, but more on that later.