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Sunday, October 2, 2011

September Recap

Wow... where did September go? Here are my stats:

Total Mileage for September: 204 (up from 176 in August)

Running: 195 miles (up from 154 in August)
Cycling: 9 miles (down from 15 in August)
Swimming: 0 (down from 3 in August)

Total Mileage for 2011: 1861 miles (INSANE!)

How did your September stack up?


coach dion said...

195 + 9 = 204 your total is 226, we need another 12?

Nice distance.

Jen said...

@coach dion.... I added wrong. I *think* I was including Saturday's long run in the total #, but that was Oct. 1st. Thanks for catching it!!!!