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Friday, September 30, 2011

Friday's Fret, Fact, & Fun

Fret: Honestly, besides the Baltimore Half PR goal setting that I mentioned yesterday, not many frets going on. Yay!

Fact: First trip to the ER was for my new puppy. Gabbi had an allergic reaction to her vaccines yesterday. It was a totally scary situation. Had we spent another 20 minutes at my mother-in-laws we would have missed it and she probably would have died. Kind of scary. And Dr. Dan was AWESOME. Stayed late, and only charged us a minor fee despite all that was done to make her better. We have NO IDEA which vaccine she is allergic too, which means single shot for the next several weeks. Remember yesterday when I was complaining about those 2am wake up calls? I think I am a little more in love now.

Fun: The run club is going VERY well. 24 (one showed up in Crocs and we did not allow him to participate), 2nd & 3rd graders ran 3/4 of a mile on Monday and today, we hope to get 25, 4th & 5th graders to run a mile this afternoon. It was hard to teach the Monday group to run slow... show them endurance. The way the we did it was to have them stay behind us for the first lap, let them run the second lap, and then had them stay behind us the last 2 laps. Right at the end, they were allowed to pass us. We had 8 kids who ran the entire 3/4 of a mile without stopping... Kiera was one of them - YAY! The race is October 23rd.


Patience said...

I have a Pug and he is allergic to every single vaccine. My vet gives him a shot of benedryl before any vaccine and he is fine. It is scary though.

Carrie said...

I like your approach to teaching the kids endurance in their running. I've had the same trouble explaining to my sons how to run slower over a longer distance, not the sprint-walk-sprint-walk-repeat method that they (8 year-olds) employ. I'll try your method next time!!

Catey said...

Sorry about the reaction! We had the same happen with a pup once, so scary to see the poor thing all swollen up and so freaked out! We did the same that was just mentioned above, benadryl works wonders even with dogs. who knew? :)