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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Rest Day Blues

We ALL have to rest especially when we are in the midst of training for a big event (like my marathon in November). Running "experts" stress the need to take rest days to give our bodies time to recover, especially after hard workouts.

Rest days and I just don't get along. I play fair. I totally rest... like try not to do anything. I have made my rest days on Sunday because of this (despite most races being on Sundays). Give the day to the Lord... and relax, rest, and spend time with the family.

But lately, my rest days have been AWFUL! Like seriously, depressed. The past two Sundays in particular. I have been thinking (and now tracking) to see if it is solely due to "resting". It seems strange to go from being able to conquer the world (running 14.2 miles solo) to being so down-and-out. My husband will even remark: "Did you run today?" when I am having a "sad" day. (I actually was thinking it may be a hormonal thing and still have not completely ruled it out).

I have been researching options too. Some "experts" say that if you MUST run, to make it very easy and light mileage (although the preference is no running at all). Some suggest doing other forms of workouts like swimming or biking, but for me it doesn't help. This past Sunday, I even did P90X and still felt down and out. And I am talking "stay in bed all day" kind of down and out. Like the Humane Society of US commercial had me in tears... bawling (seriously that songs hits hard)!

What gives? Am I the only crazy person that gets all blue on my rest days? Talk to me people!


kimert said...

I am finding it harder to take rest days and do nothing. I am usually a stark raving mad lunatic on rest days if I do not move. I take rest days on Mon/Fri even though my current training plan states "rest/XT." This Monday I decided I could not just do nothing so the kids and I took the puppy for a walk around the neighborhood and rather than coming in to sit down I did all my motherly/wife duties for the evening before finally settling into bed. It seemed to work for my mood. We will see how Friday goes though...

Carrie said...

Yup, I get the same question from my hubby -- "did you run today?" :-)

I have to take rest days -- with 3 kids and a full time job, I just physically can't get up before 5am M-F to run, plus a long run on Saturday, but I wish there was something I could do on those "rest" days that helped me burn energy like running. To combat it, I've tried upping my mileage on the weekdays that I do run, the thought being that I'll exhaust myself so much that I'll be able to cope (mentally) with a rest day. So far it's working, but I have a sinking feeling that once my body acclimates to the higher mileage, I'm going to be back at square one again. Ugh.

And I have to say that I share your suspicion about whether it's hormone related. I think my hormone flux has gotten WORSE the older I've become (I'm 39), and even being on a lo-dose contraceptive to manage endometriosis isn't helping AT ALL.