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Monday, August 15, 2011

Lonely 14 miler

Ocean City, MD 2011
We returned from vacation on Friday... we were actually home by 11:30am. The kids and I turned the day into a relax by the pool and catch up with friends kind of day.

Friday was my day to choose what we did and I wanted to go to the outlets on the way home.

(Brock chose Lewes, DE - to swim in the DE Bay, Lyle chose Cape May, NJ - to ride ferry, shuttle, trolley, shuttle, ferry... *yeah*, and Kiera chose Ocean City, MD - beach day and boardwalk fun)

Well, outlets never happened (I think Lyle missed the turn on purpose) so we made good time. (Don't worry... with it being tax-free shopping in MD this week... I have already made up for good deals that I may have found at the outlets.)

Saturday arrived and I was up and ready to run before the sun... until Lyle asked me not to run in the dark alone. Bummer. I had to wait over 2 hours to see the sun inching up before starting... I could have been done already. But I understand his safety concerns. And it made me realize how much I took Bob for granted last year. I never ran anything over 10 miles without him during marathon training not to mention ice cold watermelon wedges!

I decided to *try* not to look at my pace to just run. And just like last week, 1/2 way through I wanted to be done. I put my headphones in and Katy Perry helped me make it to 14... 14.2 actually in 2:11. The problem with Katy is that she doesn't talk back and repeats herself... a lot (I only have 5 of her songs).

I really struggled with being out there all by myself mentally. Sure the last couple of runs with TG, I failed; but at least I had his company for several miles. Running 14.2 miles alone... makes me wonder how in the world am I going to get to 16 this Saturday?

All of those who are unfortunate like me... (and not fortunate to have a posse to run with), how do you do it?


Jen said...

i tend to run alone, my longest run I pre half training was 11. I actually had my DH meet me in the middle with more water and a quick hug. It helped carry me through to the end. We try to be each otheres road crew when possible.

Rene' said...

uhhh....i don't love long runs by myself. sometimes i listen to podcasts instead of music because it makes me feel like someone is talking to me:) good luck this weekend.

Lisa said...

I can do short runs by myself just fine, but need help for the long ones

MCM Mama said...

If you ever want to run slow while the kids are in school, I could keep you company for 6-8 miles. But it would be slow - 9:50-10:10 miles these days.

kimert said...

I have a hard time doing my long runs solo. They are mentally challenging on me and I much prefer having a group with me. This weekend for my 8 miler (which is nothing compared to 14) I struggled. I wanted to quit by 4 miles but instead of stopping and calling it done, I took a short potty break and refueled. I got inside my own head and just told myself I had to do it and that I COULD DO IT, even alone. :) I admire you for making it through 14 miles alone.

Catey said...

I have almost always been a solo runner, and when my BRF moved out of state it really became always. I guess maybe it helps that it's been that way more often than not from the beginning? Or maybe I'm just antisocial at heart? lol (nah-I love people!)
I find that I really enjoy the time to let my mind wander. Maybe it's all the kids and chaos at home that helps me appreciate the quiet time to myself. Maybe it's the enjoyment of completing a challenge that's all mine. I have a nice long playlist so that I can skip past songs if I feel the need and still not get any repeats for a while. And adding a few new songs every couple of weeks keeps it changing up.
Last Saturday I did 20 alone, as I did the Sat before as well. It was therapeutic for me. Most recently it offered me the chance to mourn (and cry) for a sweet friend who buried her husband the day before after his sudden passing way too young, to reflect on my own marriage and family and how blessed I am, and so many other things!

teacherwoman said...

Good luck with your long run this coming weeking! You will do great. Music usually helps me, but that's because I am pretty good at day dreaming. :) Heck, I like to do long runs on the treadmill for crying out loud!

Carrie said...

I run my long runs solo, too. Usually can't find anyone willing to go early enough on a Saturday!! I run a few loops in my neighborhood (~2 miles) before I hit the CCT, eg, once it gets populated enough and light enough that I don't feel weird running solo.

I've got 13 scheduled for Saturday at a 10:30-10:40 (sloooow) pace, in case you're interested. I'm hoping to make it the whole 13 w/o walking at the end, but I'm also being realistic as it's supposed to be another muggy weekend in the nation's capital. Ugh. Is it October yet?!?!

Oh, and I don't run outside with music. Just me and my thoughts. It's a wonder I don't talk out loud to myself....or maybe I do.... :-)