John 8:32 "Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free." NIV

Friday, August 5, 2011

Friday's Fret, Fact, and Fun

Fret - I wanted to support my fellow DCTRI MoCo Club member, Elaine, a survivor, by joining her in a 2 mile OWS called: PurpleSwim Baltimore which is raising money to help fight Pancreatic Cancer. I signed up right after Philly when I was beaming after my 1 mile swim there! Well, August 7th is THIS Sunday... and yeah, I will be swimming 2 miles in OPEN WATER. I am nervous, but since it isn't a race, I want to treat it as just practice and to see if I have what it takes to do a HIM. Just might not have been the best plan to have surgery and stitches to prevent me from swimming for 10 days.

Fact -I must admit that I am a procrastinator. Big one. HUGE! And honestly, I do my best work when I wait till the last minute. My job, lately, has been busy... just because I have waited until now to start. It doesn't matter that I was prepared to start in June... and now that it is August, I got around to it. I have always been able to accomplish the same amount of work in an arguably better quality than anyone else assigned the task. When I left my last government job (can't tell you or I would have to kill you), they hired 3 people to replace me. Yeah, I *was* that efficient. The thing I wasn't counting on was being swamped with PTA stuff too. Yup, I volunteered to be President this year. And um... it is all catching up to me. (And this has been what has consumed my thoughts during my runs)!

Fun - Richmond Marathon is only 99 days away. I am sooooo excited. Really! I get to meet great blogger friends... some for the first time (ready to pee my pants). I get to be there and run with Bob when he completes his FIRST marathon (I just know I will cry). And I am looking forward to logging more and more miles (remind me when I start to complain about it) and bringing my body back to a runner - its been toying with cyclist (think hams) and swimmer (think shoulders) for the last couple of months... the runner physique is dying to emerge again. A couple 15+ runs under my belt and I will be there! (TMI: And honestly none of these types do anything for my girls up top... what gives? In my case... nothing, they are shrinking violets!)