John 8:32 "Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free." NIV

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Before: Can you see the "bump". It doesn't look so bad, but I think that it is hard to capture in a picture. It did get a little bigger or as the Doctor said more "prominent" since I first noticed it.

And this was what it looked like hours later. It did bleed more. The funny thing was that she told me at check out: "Be sure to drive straight home, your leg will be numb in 30 minutes."

WHAT? So I did exactly that and it was the case. I actually parked the car before getting the kids and walked up to my neighbor's house because I wasn't sure I was going to be able to drive. It was sort of amusing. I think a driver would have been a better idea.

My leg stayed numb until about 5:30 and then slight pain and it steadily increase. I took an Aleve (cannot take straight Ibuprofen during to my inability to digest it - long story) and then broke out in major sweats. I feel asleep after 11:30 and woke up before 4am.

Today I feel good. It is a little tight where the stitches are... and I am probably going to take another Aleve because as I walk around more, it is starting to have minor pain.

The GOOD NEWS: It actually wasn't a cyst. It was a "fatty mass". The Doctor said it was a strange place for it to be... and that it wasn't serious at all. YAY! She said that I could potential run by Wednesday depending on my pain tolerance (mainly pulling near the stitches). This was better than the best case scenario!

The ONLY downside is that I cannot go swimming for 10 days (not sure about the shower thing though). Two reason this is a downside:

1. It is and has been EPICALLY hot here. The pool almost feels like a bath anyway, but it can still take the edge off when the kids want me to spend all day there.

2. On August 7th, I signed up for a 2 mile Open Water Swim (OWS) and I should not be taking 10 days off prior. Sure I have the endurance and it isn't a race; but I really prefer to go into my longest OWS with practice.

LESSON LEARNED: Sometimes, we freak out about nothing. Sometimes we freak out about something that turns into nothing. And sometimes we freak out about something that turns into something bigger... but that wasn't the case.

I am thrilled that this cyst turned out to be not a cyst, and the fatty mass was a best case scenario that wasn't even on the table before surgery.  So I learned to trust my first instincts.

Thank you for your prayers, well wishes, texts, FB messages and love! Backatcha! MUAH!