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Monday, June 13, 2011

Sunday run... and swim

So my Tri plan called for an easy run on Sunday, after the Brick on Saturday. I was planning to just run 7. But my mind was going CRAZY. Too much to think about. I spent the first 7 miles clearing my head, making decisions, remaking decisions, confirming my decision, and then finally trying to let go which made for a much easier 6.4 miles that flew by. That is right, I ran 13.4 miles. I was pleased that I slowed down and my average pace was 8:45.... a good long run pace for me. The first 7 were run around 8:15 which is just too fast for a long run.

I think I forget how much a nice run can clear your mind. I swear I can save the world when I think on my runs. Thinking on my runs require me to 1) run alone and 2) have no music. I have to admit it is intimidating to start a run without either, but I always know that something magical can happen out there. It is like the old saying, "You never regret the run you did, only the ones you skipped."

After the run (and shower), the family and I headed to worship were the last statement the pastor made was: "God takes was is ordinary and makes it extraordinary!" So true. I am NOTHING without God. Sometimes I feel like I get a busy signal when I need God, but truthfully, I think it is just God's way of showing me that He has equipped me. I know what I *need* to do. I know what I *should* do... I just need to DO IT!

The afternoon was spent soaking up the rays at the pool and the day ended with the parent swim team practice. It was an interesting approach. Another mother thought maybe we could take advantage of the swim team coaches and use them for exercise, stroke techniques and just to become more efficient swimmers. I was immediately interested. By Saturday afternoon 3 dads had signed up too. Like the dork I am, I showed up 20 minutes early. Soon 3 other moms showed up and one dad (practice is on Sun, Tues and Thurs nights). I was "put" in the lane with the dad since I was already a swimmer. It was a workout. Apparently everything I thought I knew about swimming is wrong. I mean, does swimming change like the way math does? Seriously, when I sub in 4th grade, they are learning division and multiplication, but they use COMPLETELY different methods than we were taught. And I had a difficult time understanding how I was supposed to teach them Math. I was teased by the kids, but when I showed them my way of doing it, how I was taught, they looked stumped.

Same principle applied to swimming last night especially with freestyle. I was told to put my head under water when I swim. It felt weird at first, but do you know what? I WAS swimming faster because it forced my legs to the top of the water which made it easier to kick; less effort since there was less water to move. I was told to keep my arms should width apart (which I have to confess I had read in my Tri book), but I naturally swim with my arms entering the water in front of my head. It WAS a lot to think about. Twice I swallowed water because I was thinking too much. I did get praise on my back stroke, but I do not think I will be using that most in my Tri. I look forward to working on my breast stroke too since that is what I will be using if I freak out again at Philly.

Speaking of Philly... it is less than 2 weeks away. GULP!


Lisa said...

oh yes, swimming with your head under will help a lot!

Erika said...

we teach our kids in swim class to keep their head in!! sounds like a fun weekend!

coach dion said...

funny you should be talking about regretting not running, I missed a morning run this morning and I regret it (but only a bit my legs are shattered...)

Sunday run/race was also a rush to get to Church on time.

B.o.B. said...

You are gonna do great in Philly! Don't freak out. I have used the breast stroke before to get through the water when I get a little nervous from all of the arms and legs.

And yes, He equips us, we just have to remember where we put the gear. ;)