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Saturday, June 11, 2011


After the Brick, courtesy of Kiera.
This morning my training plan called for a Brick. I used to do a lot of bricks because they really worried me, but TG said that I didn't need to do too many of them (of course this was all before I was following a plan).

I had to ride for 1 hour and 30 min and run for 30 minutes. Since we have had "feels like" temps above 100 degrees, I decided I would head out as soon as the sun was up. 5:15 am came early and to my surprise it was light out already. I quickly dressed in my "fancy" and free trisuit (since I wanted to try it out before Philly). Since it was slightly breezy, I decided to where my nightlite Brooks wind coat. It also makes me feel safer. I headed out on my normal hilly route. Plan was to go out 45 minutes and turn around. I debated about whether I should stop my watch at the lights, but determined I would not and just maximize my effort. The ride out felt great and it ALWAYS feels tough coming home, but in places (hills) where I typically go 10mph or slower I was going 12-13mph. I was nervous that my legs would be shot for the run, but tried to think positive.

I put my gears in low and increased my cadence the last mile so my legs would be ready for the run. I think it really worked. Total ride: 23.1 miles

I hoped off, shed my Brooks jacket, took my garmin off the bike, changed my shoes and grabbed my new handheld Nathan palm bottle. I was back out in less than 3 minutes.

My legs felt great. Too great actually. My pace for the first 1.2 mile was 7:30. I told myself to slow down but never really managed much lower than 8 minute miles which does bother me. I do not think I could have maintained that intensity for 6.2 miles... but I guess I will find out in Philly in 2 weeks.

Around 18 minutes into the run, I fell. Out of the blue. I did not trip. I did not feel off balance. I mean, I blinked and was tucking and rolling. My elbow and new handheld took the brunt of it... and I feel like a baby with a little scrape on my elbow. I spent the next mile thinking: "What just happened?" Thankfully all of the people I knew who were leaving the hood to go to swim team time trials passed me just before I fell. There was a nice lady walking her really old dog that just stared at me... but for the life of me, I have NO IDEA what happened.

I feel fine, besides my elbow. Total run: 3.7 miles in 30 minutes

I did take some mental notes about the Brick that I would like to figure out before Philly:

1. How do I get my lady parts comfortable with the ride? I used CHAMOIS BUTT'R for the first time today and really... it didn't help at all.

2. How do I hydrate on the ride? I took two bottles with me and took two sips at a stop light, but I cannot figure out how to ride and drink. I think I may be too clumsy.

3. How do I slow down on the run when I first get off my bike? I mean, really? 7:30 this morning? Too fast. Maybe this will work itself out after the swim and bike, I may not have the energy.... but I would rather be conservative in the beginning and let it go the last mile of the Tri.

The DC Tri MoCo group was going 62 miles this morning... I was SOOOO tempted... but I decided I *needed* to follow my plan. Boooo!


ajh said...

I don't know the answers but I want to know them. I have my first duathlon tomorrow and I am such a newbie with no clue.

H Love said...

you are a lady on a mission. so glad you are OK...random fall?

XLMIC said...

No advice, unfortunately :( But glad you are okay after that falling weirdness! And I'll bet you are going do amazingly in Philly.

Lisa said...

#1 - partly is time in the saddle. I'm working on that right now myself. ouch.