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Friday, June 3, 2011

"Make it Work"

When I watched TV, Project Runway was a favorite of mine and my daughter's. It wasn't the bickering between the strange designers (contestants), or the amazing creations made, or even Heidi Klum looking stunning. It was how Tim Gunn would critique a contestant and end with, "Well, make it work!" His line has become famous. There are even t-shirts and bracelet's (think LIVESTRONG) for sale in his honor. Did Tim think he was creating a brand? Not sure, but I use the line a lot. (only second to Dr. Phil's: "And How's that workin for you?")

I have been following an Olympic Tri plan for the most part. Despite starting late and messing up which level I was doing for a week, I have done the workouts that have been planned out for me to be successful in Philly on June 26th. Successful is a relative term here and probably means something different to each of us. To me, I want to see if Triathlons are something that I want to seriously compete in. I want to see if I should register for the 1/2 IM in Williamsburg this September. I vowed not to register until after Philly and literally flip-flop back and forth everyday about whether it is something I can do. BUT.... I *will* wait until after Philly to decide.  (I already have two 1/2 marathons and a marathon scheduled for the Fall).

But my plan yesterday called for all of these drills for my 1900m swim workout. And do you know what? After the warm-up... I wasn't feeling it. I could have gotten out and quit, but instead, I just swam. I swam the entire 1900m, but did not do the 8x75m sprints. I just wanted to return to the love of just swimming.

It is kind of like running. After your race, when the post-race blues set in, before you schedule that next race, you run... just to run. No plan. Maybe 12 miles or maybe just 6. I felt like that yesterday... and I made my plan work for me. Should I have done the workout? Yes! Will it substantially hurt my chances in my Tri? No!

I do not recommend skipping your planned workouts regularly, but sometimes, in order for us to be successful, we have to make it work for us.
How do you "Make it work"?


LB said...

i agree, when youre just not feeling it its better to just make it work instead of forcing yourself to do something you dont want to. ive probably been doing too much of this though lately :/

cql said...

Sometimes we have to listen to our bodies, or the things going on in our lives and adjust accordingly. Sometimes I just want to run, not for time or distance, just to run and I do. Of course when I get home the OCD in me tracks it and adjusts the rest of the week to fit.


Regardless of what happens at Philly, I think you should wait of the 1/2IM. I mean, I wouldn't hate it if you joined G and I in a 70.3 debut ...

Jeff said...

Sometimes you know when you can force your way through it, and sometimes you just do what feels right.

The minute it stops being fun and starts seeming like work is when I'm going to want to stop.