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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Getting it ALL in...

I posted yesterday that I was a full time working mom who is training for an Olympic Triathlon this week. I am subbing for Kindergarten. But I need to edit my title. I am a full time working mother who is training for an Olympic Triathlon with a part-time job this week. Yeah, when I got home yesterday I had to spend time working on emails for work.

I headed to the pool after that with the kids to get my 1900m swim workout in with the swim team there. The only spot that was open had kids jumping in and bumping into me despite me swimming almost on top of the lane rope. UGH. After 1000m the fear of some kid jumping on my took over and I gave up.

I went to the gym after the kids when to bed and did a 20 minute workout on the bike with the random setting and I was sweating after 5 minutes... it was tough. Finished by working on Triceps, Biceps, and core. By the time I got home, I was spent.... really... look:

Not exactly my finest picture. And guess what, I started all over again today. It is tough. I have a new respect for all of you working parents getting it all IN!

And since it is National Running Day... I WILL get a run in... probably on Milles since it is supposed to be over 100 with the heat index today!

Here is my May Recap:

Total Miles in May: 313
Swim: 8 miles (up from 2 last month)
Run: 85 miles (down from 86 last month)
Cycle: 220 miles (up from 136 last month)

And what I am noticing the most this month is that I REALLY miss my runs and my arms are really shaping up from my swims.

And despite wanting to ROCK my bikini... I still haven't. On Saturday, I was afraid to wear it and wore a running skirt and tank (oh and when I jumped in the water to help a little 4 year old who... well, looked like she needed help, I forgot my phone was in my pocket.... yeah... its probably dead). On Monday, I rocked the bikini under my cover up... baby steps, right?


Sarah said...

8 miles of swimming is amazing! I bet your arms look awesome!

Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

Now I understand the benefits of swimming....great arms! I'm still staying in the kiddy pool. ;-)

Please with your numbers this month You totally can rock a bikini and put most of us to shame!!

jamie@sweatyhugs said...

As hard as it may be, you are STILL doing it! Major kudos to you! :) I bet your arms look awesome. I always admire swimmers physiques...
And yes, baby steps! ;) You're almost there.

coach dion said...

That is a lot of training for June and it's only the 2nd...