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Sunday, May 1, 2011

I am a (wannabe serious) Triathlete addicted to Running

Happy May Day. April FLEW by.

April Stats: 225 miles (Total miles for 2011: 780 miles)


Run: 86 (down from 124 in March)
Swim: 2 (down from 8 in March)
Bike: 136 (up from 22 in March)

So as you can see, I am having a difficult time balancing my running and cycling. I needed to up my seat time but I still need to get more swims and runs in. Perhaps a "plan" would help - still have not finalized one and Philly is June 26th.... UGH!

On Saturday, I was supposed to join the DCTRI MoCo Group for a nice and easy 25 mile bike ride. I woke up to cool temps... I mean like tights and a windbreaker for a bike, but a skirt and long sleeve shirt for a run. You guessed it, I opted to skip the ride and run. I ran 12.4 miles in 1:43 (which is a 8:20 pace). WOW, where did this speed come from?

Later after the run, I had to confess to the group, "I am sorry I missed the ride. I am a wannabe triathlete addicted to running!"

And it is the truth. When I should be riding, I run. When I should be running, I opt for a ride. I KNOW what the solution - I REALLY need a plan. I had blogged that I was going to have a plan (over a week ago) and then I freaked out that I only had 8 weeks before my Olympic Tri... so I opted to still NOT settle on a plan. I need to increase my swimming and running in the next 5 weeks (one week for a minor taper). I am going to go with the 2 swims, 2 rides, 2 runs (probably more) for he next 5 weeks. Hope to narrow it down soon.


Pam said...

You little speed demon you!

XLMIC said...

I think a plan might be a good thing to balance it all out :)

Speedy girl, you are!

coach dion said...

A plan is alway good, but when I did IRONMAN a number of years ago, my plan was simple, run lots and fit in a couple of rides and even a swim... I didn't want to drown, so I swam just enough, and then I was only on he bike a couple of times a week, I got through on running fitness. I finished. What is your aim for Tri number 1? a finish? then just go on the way you are... with the tri behind you and tri 2 lined up you might say: if I road more, swam more, or what ever I could do better, then you plan and kick butt...

good luck

Erika said...

good luck finding balance!!