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Friday, May 13, 2011

Five Facts (& confessions) Friday

1. Yesterday, I had another swim workout on "The Plan". It called for:

200 warm up
4 x 25 drills
4 x 200 threshold intervals, 30s rests between each set
4 x 25 kick drills
200 cool down (50m breast, 50m back, 50 m side, 50 m free)

Let me just tell you, the 4 x 200 threshold intervals had me shaking. I had NO IDEA how that was going to go.... but I could not believe I did it - fastest 800 in my life. And believe me, the swim "sprints" are sooooo much tougher than running.

The creek was so peaceful
2. It started to rain drizzle this morning and I was all set supposed to mow the grass. But it isn't healthy a good idea to mow the grass when it is raining. Instead, I ran. Running in the rain is absolutely refreshing. I set out to do 12 miles; but at one point (mile 9), I could go left or right. Having no idea which was best or how far form home (I had a little idea), I chose to go right. And that made my 12 miler turn into a 15.4 miler. SOLO! And I did it in 2 hours 19 minutes. My right hip started saying "hello" around mile 13. Not sure why, but it wasn't painful, more annoying.

3. Utz... never been a real fan of their chips, but today, their chip bag saved me. I found a random chip bag on the ground and used it to cover by phone... protect it was the rain (yes, it WAS raining now, not just drizzling). One man's litter is a woman's prize possession for 10 miles.

4. I am contemplating registering for something big. Huge. GIGANTIC. I am having a hard time waiting until after June 26th to do so. But, I said I would wait and if it was meant to be... it would be. But I am stalking plans.... dreaming about it. It IS crazy... but I am insane when it comes to training. It would be a huge goal... but I am not sure I have the confidence to do it. If I am not thinking about running, I am thinking about THIS!

5. I really wish I was a professional athlete. Not professional in the sense that I want to be uber fast and a "beast" at anything (although that would be awesome). But in the sense that I did not have to work. I mean, I do not work full time... but training takes time and working part time and training is kill'in me. I mean, I think sponsors should start supporting the "middle of the pack" athlete... I surely can inspire people to not give up. And surely I will be passed by more people who would see their product, right? I am not sure how you full time working people train and work.


Rene' said...

I am excited to see what the "big" is....i am thinking that I might have an idea:) great run, but take care of that hip.

Richelle said...

I think I know what the BIG thing is. I can't wait to find out!

Sometimes, I wish I were a professional athlete too. I'd much rather train than work. :)

momof3 said...

OH I also think I know what the "big" thing is... big stuff!!! Don't forget, you're running RICHMOND, ahem.... just sayin'.

So, you know what I call swim sprints right? Hill Repeats.

I did take a rest day today. I'm all twitchy & sluggish at the same time. Don't ask... I sure don't know...