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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Exhausted Tooth Fairy

I have really been trying to follow my Tri Plan. The thing is that I really want to be running. This morning, I saw my running shoes in the exact place that I took them off on Saturday after my run with Bob and it made me sad. I know.... crazy to be sad, right? But guess what, I GET to run today! Yay!

Monday called for a Swim workout:

100m warm-up
50m VO2 max / 50 m slow x 8 (with 20 second to 1:30 min rest in between)
200m pulls
450m swim drills (different ones)
200 m cool down

I started with the 100 warm-up and after the first 50 m VO2 max swim, I thought: "There is NO WAY I can do this 8 times". I rested 30 seconds and started to get a cramp on my "easy" 50. UGH! I rested again. After I did this 7 times, I realized... that I was supposed to do: 25m VO2 max / 25m slow x 8. Just call me over achiever... no wonder I was exhausted. And yes, I did the 8th rep..... might as well finish it, right?

Yesterday, the plan called for a 1 hour and 15 minute bike ride. I REALLY wanted to go 2 hours but after a quick text to TG, he said, "What happened the the plan!" Yeah.... I should stick with it.

I decided to go out 35 minutes and turn around. I selected a hilly route and went the furthest down this road that I have ever gone before... note: it gets hillier the further I went. So much so, that down one hill, I got up to 34 mph... yeah, it WAS cool! But that speed only took me about 1/3 up the next hill. It was a great workout. At the turn around, I stopped for 5 minutes: fueled, hydrated and blew my nose (this is gross but it is super hard to do this while riding).

In the end, I had done 23.44 miles in 1 hour and 22 minutes.... average speed: 17 mph. A HUGE improvement even with the extra hills. Typically, my average has been 14 mph!

When I got home, I was wiped out. Maybe it was the extra workout the day before. Maybe it was the sun. After the kids came home and were playing in the yard, I laid down to stretch and fell asleep, on the floor... in the middle of a stretch. My husband laughed at me (but didn't wake me). And I pride myself on dinner at 5pm... yeah, it was 10 minutes late.

As I sent the kids up to get ready for bed, I fell asleep on the couch for a few seconds... you know with my head hanging down... awkwardly... killed my neck. This time, my husband woke me up. I kissed the kids good night, read their stories and headed to get ready for bed. Obviously, I was tired. And that is when I saw my sunburn. I had applied sun screen but not on my back... I am red... still red today.

I got ready for bed and slept... soundly until 4:55am. And then I got sad, because I had forgotten to be the tooth fairy for my 7 year old. She came to me with a disappointed look and said, "The tooth fairy didn't come. I forgot to write her a note, so maybe that is why! I'll do that tonight!"

Maybe the tooth fairy won't be too tired tonight... I don't think I can suffer through her disappointed face another morning!


XLMIC said...

When that happens here, I usually pull the old 'you didn't really look very well' trick. P I then palm some money and say as I stick my hand in the pillowcase, 'bet you didn't look in HERE.' Voila! :)

Awesome way to kick your own butt! Huge congrats on the bike speed improvement :)

Carrie said...

Holy workouts, Batman! I'm tired just reading about them. :-)

And yes, I've (a) also forgotten to leave the tooth fairy money (well, it was really DH but I felt super guilty, too), and (b) done like XLMIC and palmed the money while saying "here it is! It slid down between the bed and the wall!" :-)

The tooth fairy is the single childhood ritual that as a parent I truly dread.

B.o.B. said...

tell her the tooth fairy is also training for a tri and needed some extra sleep...thus she gets an extra treat. ;)

keep up the great training lady. i feel the same way aobout the run. btw - congrats on that bike speed. i totally hope to get there soon!

Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

You are training like a pro! No wonder you are exhausted.

If it rained that night you know the tooth fairy can't fly in the rain!! ;-)

Julie said...

This tooth fairy business is hard work! I dread every time they start mentioning a loose tooth because I know
a) they are going to lose it when I have absolutely no money in my purse and

b) I'm going to have to stay up until 10 or 11pm waiting for them to fall SOUNDLY asleep so I don't wake them reaching under their pillow. I almost got caught this last time...and that would break my heart!...and theirs, since they think the tooth fairy is Dwayne Johnson.