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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Coping with Recovery

If you follow me on FB or DailyMile, you have heard me complaining about this week being a recovery week. It may not have been so bad if I hadn't done the wrong level of my plan last week. You see, I decided on Level 3 and for two weeks did Level 3, but last week for some odd reason, I did Level 1. And it is making the Recovery week even harder.

But do you know how I am coping? Each time I want to complain about not getting enough in, I turn to next week's schedule. Can we say TOUGH? Yeah, it is totally going to leave me spent. Alas, this is why the recovery week is followed by a build week. I NEED the recovery in order to survive next week.

And do you know what else is happening next week? I am subbing EVERY DAY at the Elementary School... which means, I have to get these tough workouts in either early morning (remember my husband leaves before 5am to go to work) or after I work. UGH! Does not sound like fun. But I guess I will get a taste of what it is like to be in training and working full time. How do you full time working or practically full time, part time working people do it? I mean, I love getting up early, but before 4am? I cannot exactly ride Athena in the dark... and the idea of putting her in a trainer after having her outside all this time, well, does not sound like fun either.

Why wasn't recovery week next week? BTW: Thank you ALL for your kind words. My two posts: Guilty (HERE) and 301st Post (HERE) have had more page views than any other post I have written. If you like me so much (wink, wink) go HERE and vote for me!

Happy Wednesday!


Anonymous said...

I am up by 4am to get my workouts in before work. It's tough but I'd much rather do it before work than after because I'm usually just wanting to veg after work and do nothing