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Monday, April 4, 2011

Cherry Blossom 10-miler Recap

I was really excited going into the Cherry Blossom 10-miler. It was as if the pressure was gone and all I had to do was run it for fun. Of course, Pink Passion outfit rocked and I got tons of compliments along the course, but something keeps happening, that I HAVE to figure out.

Okay, I jumped into the race too soon. TriGuru picked me up at 6am and we swung by McDonald's for his race day breakfast. Seriously, watching him eat two breakfast burritos and drink a Diet Coke almost made me sick to my stomach. Not sure how he can handle that before a race, but he isn't the one who pukes, right?

Okay, we hop on the metro and I am all pumped and excited with the race crowds boarding. I am POSITIVE I talked his ear off. And when we finally got off the metro, I started to get a little nervous. There were TONS of people. TriGuru "allowed" me to sneak into his corral (I was one behind him) and we were off in no time. While there were a lot of people running, most knew how to get over if they were slower. And I was feeling great. TriGuru was "pacing" me and the thing I would hear the most over the next 6 miles was, "Slow down, you are running under 8"


Mile 1: 8:13 (not bad for a crowded start)
Mile 2: 8:06
Mile 3: 8:04
Mile 4: 8:03
Mile 5: 8:16 (grabbed water)
Mile 6: 8:04
Mile 7: 8:19

Around mile 7.5, I started to feel a little tired but not bad. I knew I could do anything for 2.5 miles. TriGuru reminded me that it would be better to take it "slower" here and then to go all out at the end. Slower to me meant, 8:15s, but then my stomach started to put up a fight.

Mile 8: 8:26
Mile 9: 8:29 (Dry heaved the entire mile, like 10 times)
Mile 10: 8:25
Mile . 16: 8:58 (walked across the finished line)

After the finish
Garmin total: 10.16 miles in 1:23:56 - 8:15 average pace

The official results say:

254 out of 1857 women with a time of: 1:23:52 for (10 miles) average pace of 8:24

So what is with the whole stomach thing? I puked 3 times (mostly clear) just past the finish line. A spectator had the nerve to say, "Oh, she had to do that right here!" as if I had a choice about that. And literally 3 seconds after I finished, I was fine... more than fine. Well, besides my abs hurting from the dry heaving.

After talking to my mother this morning, she confirmed that I used to do this in HS too... after races. Hmmm, at least it is good to know that I have always been a puker. Is it my nutrition? Dehydration?

Anyone else experience this? And to top is off, when Brock got home from church, the first thing he said was, "How many times did you puke?" not "How did you do?" It is nice that my family knows me this well.

And with that... anyone up to run a race with me, I'll promise not to puke on you.

Today: Active recovery (although I really, really, want to ride Athena since it is going to be 70 degrees here)... I am heading to test out the wet suit... yeah, I will be to dork at the indoor pool with the wet suit on, be sure to say, Hi!



Other than the stomach issues, it sounds like a great race. I have zero idea on what's up with the puking.

Zoƫ said...

That sucks about the puking, but it sounds like you raced a good race! Love the outfit, too. :)

*~* *~* Tracy said...

Can't help you with the puking. Glad you had a good race otherwise

"Whoops I was aiming for your shoes" would have been a good line for the rude specatator at the finish

Lisa J said...

one thing that *might* help is to keep a food journal of what you ate JUST the day before- then you can compare it b/n multiple races and see if there is a common type of food that your stomach doesn't agree with while running, and just eliminate it pre race day. Mine is dairy, so I just have to make sure to not have a lot day before

Anonymous said...

I'm running a 10mi race in 2 weeks and would love to have a killer time like you just had. great job!!

Samantha said...

That race was definitely a crowded start so I'm impressed with your first mile. I was way behind you I'm sure, and I couldn't break free really til mile 3.

As for the running and puking, my brother has the same issue. He used to run off the basketball court during time-outs to puke and then be right back in the game. My stomach is weak, but not that bad. I absolutely must eat something for breakfast every day, especially on race days or else I get sick.

Oh and who has the nerve to say mean things about people who are sick? Who would actually want to throw up in public??

Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

Since you are puking clear liquids I would think it's a mental thing. Our minds are really powerful. You did run a fast race so the effort may have caused it but I really think you just need a good race with no puking to get your brain to stop what seems to be an associated habit.
Puking aside, you ran an amazing race at a great pace!

B.o.B. said...

With your puking and my falling we could really mess a lot of ish up. LOL! I have a friend who pukes after 5K's a lot. She chalks it up to the effort she's putting in. I have yet to puke after a race, but I have had to stop or risk pooping my pants. Not sure which is better though. Great job on your race, even with the puking. ;)

Rene' said...

hmmm...I don't know why you would puke, but for puking your time was awesome. i have a 10 mile race in August and I hope I have as good as time you. you rock my friend.
p.s. how was the wet suit??

Richelle said...

Nice job! I've never puked before, during or after a run, but nerves and lack of sleep definitely make me FEEL sick to my stomach. It could be something you eat or it could just be the effort of the run.

On a side note, I can't believe TriGuru downed food from McD's before the race... yuck!

SupermomE12 said...

SO sorry about the puking... that is just miserable. But AWESOME job!!! :)

Kirsten said...

Great race!!! Sent you a fb msg the other day congratulating you. No idea about the puking since I've not experienced that. Enjoy your awesome spring weather! :)