John 8:32 "Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free." NIV

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Thursday Thoughts

I do not hide my faith. In fact, I was recently told: "While we feel your blog is extremely inspirational and you generally appeal to our readers, we will be unable to feature your blog do to its faith based undertones. We wish you continued success on your journey."

I was offended... faith based UNDERTONES? Seriously, my faith is ALL OVER THE PLACE. I mean, I keep my faith statement pretty high up on my blog. Undertones is putting it mildly. I am not ashamed of what I believe. I am proud and humble at the same time to give God all of the credit in my weight-loss journey. God's strength and grace get me through each day.

I listen to Christian radio about 80% of the time. A new favorite song of mine is: "This is the Stuff" by Francesca Battistell. Check it out:

Even Kiera loves the catchy beat. The lyrics are awesome and I feel like she is singing about my daily life. My favorite line is: "In the middle of my little mess, I forget how big I'm blessed."

Isn't it the truth? We get caught up in our mess... but we are SO blessed. Today we had a "professional day" and the kids had off of school. Yes, my routine was totally ambushed. Yes, the kids have been snacking all day long. Yes, I bribed them with lunch out (if they behaved while I went into the office) and they chose Burger King. But I have been spending the whole day with them and really, I LOVE IT (okay, I do not love the whining!). We have played 3 board games, Twister, hide-n-seek (I'm a master!), chased Dolce around, played "school" (I got to be the student who misbehaves), and now they are building a Lego house together with bedrooms and even a toilet. We are having a blast! And YES - they will go back to school tomorrow and I can have my routine back.

I "bribed" some of you to follow my blog in order to gain entry into my giveaways, but I do hope you stick around. Read what I write, offer suggestions and advice to me, and most of all be YOURSELF!

While I may be a Christian, I do strive not to be judgmental (okay, the chick that runs around the 'hood with long brown hair and does not tie it back, what are you thinking? Doesn't it bother you? Do you enjoy eating your hair? Okay, I am not perfect. I do cast judgment... just trying to be accountable here!). I was recently called out by a reader for running the Half Marathon sick... but that is OKAY! I appreciated her honestly (and NO - I do NOT recommend running a race sick). I enjoy different people and try to live my life the way Christ commanded us; to love everyone!

So here is the thing, my favorite rap group (the 20% that is not Christian is rap) ends a song with a great line: "There is one true judge and that's GOD, so chill and let my Father do His job!"

Go forth today knowing you are blessed and letting God be our judge.  I may not have a blog worthy to be featured in a big way (I mean... huge way), but I am PERFECTLY happy having a blog where I can be myself and where I can invite you to be yourself too!
How have you been blessed today?


Claire said...

Wow! I am blessed every day..and saying your blog has 'faith based' undertones makes it sound like your trying to sneak it in...and you make it NO secret. How silly.

Anyways..YOU go and have a blessed day lady!

Diet Coke and a Lemon said...

I couldn't agree more with you right now. I love Francesca Battistelli. Tonight I am going to Winter Jam and she is going to be there. I am SO excited!

Anyways....props to you for not letting what someone says get to you. It's so easy for people to say that Christians are judgemental and we don't welcome others, but you weren't even allowed to have your blog featured because of some faith based undertones they observed. That's ok though....because although God said not everyone will be welcoming of you he loves you and in him you have the confidence to make it through the day. Oh how he loves us!

Thanks for sharing this!

*~* *~* Tracy said...

As a private business ‘they’ (whoever they are) have the right to target their business however they choose. But it’s very poor form to cite your faith as the reason they can’t feature your blog. A more professional response would have simply stated that you weren’t a good fit for their business.

I wonder if they would have felt the same way if you were of a more stereotypically politically correct faith.

Either way they lose because your blog rocks and you reach a wide and varied audience

~K~ said...

Love that song too! =)

Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

Back up the bus! Really? They really said that to you. Get real people. Faith undertones? God has to be so amazingly disappointed in us.
I think that a lot. That my Father has to be disappointed in us.
Why can we each handle what the other believes? Why do we have to be threathened when someone thinks differently than we do?...I'll tell you what I think the answer is. I think many are not very solid in their beliefs so they don't want to have anyone around them that differs in their opinions. (sigh)
I LOVE your thoughts and opinions. Somedays we agree someday we don't BUT I love that you whole heartedly share them and that gives me the chance to consider what I believe for me. My faith is not stagnate and finished. My faith is growing and evolving daily because God is still speaking!
Keep up the amazing work! God had your blog listed in all the right hearts.

H Love said...

I agree with Shelly! Love your blog and I love God and that there are so many ways I can learn, grow and worship! This post if BLOG WORTHY!! Keep on Keeping On!

SupermomE12 said...

Good for you for not hiding who you are or what you believe. That is true faith and true love of Christ. :)

coach dion said...

Your faith is one of the reasons I follow your blog...

And I've run many races when I should have stayed in bed, just don't tell anyone, I like to run the germs out of my body.