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Monday, March 28, 2011

Puking, Walking and FINISHING

So after the 3rd round of vomiting, I literally started to write my blog entry in my head. (Yeah, that's how I roll, I know how to tell my followers before I am even telling my husband). I *knew* that I wasn't going to be able to race the half marathon.

Between 3:30am and 4:30 am was a blur. I was defeated. I texted TriGuru and Bob and told them how I was feeling. I had conceded that it just wasn't in the cards. Then, after getting off the phone with Bob (who said, if nothing else for me to bundle up and come cheer them on if I felt okay) and TriGuru (who had basically told me that it sucked, he was sorry but not to run), I had exactly 10 minutes before they would be at my door. (Yes, EVERYONE was meeting at my house and Bob was taking us down). I hoped in the shower and said to myself, "If can get through this with feeling nauseous, I'm running". Well, I got out after feeling light headed and slightly nauseous and said, "If I can blow dry my hair and get dressed without feeling nauseous, I'm running". Thus the mad scramble to get dressed, pack my bag (remember, I hit the sack around 5pm feeling awful, so no race prep was done!). Still feeling slightly nauseous, I said, "If I can eat half of my Luna bar and keep it down, I'm running!"

TriGuru arrived thinking that I was just sending them off. When he saw that I was dressed and I was coming he said, "You ARE crazy!" Yes, I was but I really, really wanted to go. Elaine arrived (MoCo Tri chick that was heading down with us) and Bob arrived and we headed out around 5:27, 3 minutes ahead of schedule I might add (important later)!

In the car, I still felt nauseous. I kept making rational reasons about why I should run it. I actually had texted Ginny before I left and said, that I was sick and she replied, "Oh, I'm sorry!" and I said, "Oh, but it's on, I'm coming!" and she said, Okay, we will be in the beige minivan jammin to hardcore Rap! And any time is better than a DNS!
I am sure I talked everyone's ears off in the car. I was trying to take my mind away from the disappointment I was going to have by not RACING this race. I REALLY really wanted to race it, but KNEW my body was not up to it. When I mentioned what Ginny had texted about any time was better than a DNS, TriGuru in all his wisdom said, "Not a DNF!"

CRAP! I did NOT think about that... a DNF. UGH! I *needed* to make sure that did NOT happen. Flash forward to us sitting in 45 minutes of traffic like a mile from the stadium. METRO made a HUGE mistake by NOT opening early enough so we could all get there in plenty of time. We get out and have missed the first two calls to get in your corrals. With 10 minutes before go time, I said good bye to Bob and wished him luck as we waited in line at the porta-potties. TriGuru snapped this pic of Elaine and I waiting in line. Yes, we were cold. And the stares I got in my skirt were priceless. Not too shabby with the stomach flu, if I may just say so.

We gave up on the porta-potty line with 5 minutes until start time. Said good bye to TriGuru as he headed to corral 4 and Elaine and I walked to jogged to corral 7. I knew that Tonia and Ginny would be in this corral and desperately searched the crowd for skirt wearers. Saw a couple, but none were my girls. Just when I had given up hope, I get nudged from behind and that is where I met Tonia and KC for the first time. YAY! Ginny had parked the car (their own traffic nightmare) and dropped them off. It was so cool to meet them and Tonia looked ready! It was awesome to be in her "aura" for a moment. I wanted to chat her ear off, but didn't want to throw off her game. And then Ginny arrived! Insert major internal squeal (I don't think I squealed out loud though!) and even a hug! I was excited. She snapped this pic of us.

And the race started minutes later. I was feeling good and my time showed it.


Mile 1: 9:20 - crowded start
Mile 2: 8:55
Mile 3: 8:45
Mile 4: 8:35 (saw girl puke... stomach started turning)
Mile 5: 8:55 (Gu'd - biggest mistake)
Mile 6: 9:13 (Tonia and KC passed me and Tonia mentioned that Gu'ing was her mistake at Disney)

Mile 7: 10:15 (puke #1)
Mile 8: 10:45 (several walk breaks, puke #2, and *knew I should have stayed in bed)

Mile 9: 11:14
Mile 10: 9:49 (Bob passed me and I tried to stay with him for a mile. I felt him slow down so I told him to go that I needed to walk it in, I am so glad he did - He ROCKED it, btw!)

Mile 11: 19:23 (so puking near a medic is NOT a good thing. Had to "check" me out and everything when really, I just wanted to get back to the finish)

Mile 12: 4 hours (it felt like that long)
Mile 12.5 (according to my Garmin): I decided I wanted to jog it in... I mean, I am a marathoner, right?

Mile: 13.1: 8:59 - glad to be DONE!

Total time: 2:24 and 13.43 (according to my Garmin) but at least it was not a DNS or a DNF! And it will be an easy time to make a PR with at my 2nd half marathon, right?

Final thoughts: I remember practically begging Ginny to be a part of her GBA** club. And she said, it isn't something that you join, you have to know you are in! Well, I have to say, running a half marathon after spending the night puking with the stomach flu officially makes me a member of the GBA** club!

TriGuru - 1:48 (AWESOMENESS)
Elaine: 2:08 (THRILLED HER)
Bob: 2:11 (ECSTATIC!)

See Ginny's recap HERE and Tonia's recap HERE

I spent the rest of Saturday playing with my kids - my husband took them down to see me at Dupont Circle and they waited 28 minutes and never saw me, but I ran by the time they were there :(  - sleeping and still not eating. Sunday, I felt better, ate 2 meals but still not 100%. Today, Tony got me back!

Next race: Cherry Blossom 10-miler - April 3rd - let's see if I can ROCK this one!


Holly said...

we both will rock it!!!

momof3 said...

you ARE so GBA... totally.


Yup. GBA. I wish we had more time to talk before the race. Or after. But we'll make that happen some other time. So sorry about the GU-tastrophe. Maybe someone will learn from our mistakes.

Paige (Two Runners And A Brown Dog) said...

Wow! Way to push through it!!! That is awesome!

coach dion said...

The number of races I should have stayed at home for, but because us runners are tough (stupid) we alway get up and run.

(sub 2 for you in your next half?)

Anonymous said...

You are my hero for pushing through like that!

Run with Jess said...

Goodness!! You poor thing, what an aweful race... but actually impressive time considering everything you went through!

Sarah AJ said...

That's hardcore. I've run through a lot of things that I probably shouldn't have, but the stomach flu? No way. I'm super impressed.

kimert said...

You are a rock star! I cannot even imagine thinking about running with a bug. Way to go!

Lisa J said...

Thats a true runners attitude! I love how your time was still pretty fast considering everything that happened. Now you know you can get through anything!

Katie said...

Oh My!! I am glad you felt good enough to finish! Congrats!

Kerrie T. said...

Hard core, lady.

Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

As I have already stated in a comment to T, I love hearing the challenges of racing/running. It simply shows how driven runners are to accomplish the goals we've set for ourselves. Even if when it's a set of sliding goals that we adjust mid-race when circumstances send us a curve ball or two or three. ;-)
You are BGA**!

Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

Okay...who is typing their comments while doing the big-girl job and listening for the "boss" to walk by? That would be me...uh, duh

You are GBA**!! That's what I meant to type. Where's my coffee???

XLMIC said...

The new word I am throwing is around is "nail"... and woman, you are a Nail... capital N. I really hope you are able to baby yourself for a bit and get all better soon :)

Rene' said...

You are definitely GBA and you got a HUG from Ginny. Totally GBA!

ajh said...

Hard core.

Melissa Cunningham said...

i knew you would run anyways!
i couldnt have ran with a bug!
more power to ya chica!
rock on with your bad running self...
and i do hope you get to feeling better soon!

MomRunningFromCancer said...

First of all - Jen - PLEASE - don't take this the wrong way. I have debated whether to say anything - started posting - deleted it - but in the end, feel like I need to give a slightly different opinion.
What works and is possible for one person - doesn't work for others. I KNOW that you are not advocating that everyone who is sick - simply push through the pain - or sickness - all in the name of running. Most of us could not run a 1/2 marathon or even a 5k while suffering from or recovering from the flu. Honestly - I am not quite sure whether I should congratulate you for pushing through - or question your ability to listen to your body?
One of my favorite things is to tell people to "Listen to your body." Obviously sometimes ignoring your body's signs are OK - and the worse thing that happens is that you puck! But long term - Please - try and listen to your body - the body that the Lord gave you!
I enjoy reading and following your blog!

Kristin said...

You are super tough! I had full GI meltdown at the LA marathon and wanted to die, but there is something to be said about finishing. Congrats. My sister is running the Cherry Blossom too! I'll be down there this weekend, a week too early. Hope you're feeling better now!

Richelle said...

Way to push through the flu! Your 2nd half will definitely be much better than your 1st.