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Monday, March 7, 2011

Let the Taper Begin

I completed my last long run of my training cycle. I say that with a smile not because I am nearing my race, but because I really haven't followed a plan but I know enough that two weeks out you should start to taper.

Officially, the last long run should have been this weekend, but we are heading to High Point, NC this weekend to celebrate with our family my grandmother's birthday. 86 - wow! I am excited to run with my twin sister, but I am sure 14 miles was not on her schedule.

I ran 13.5 on Saturday and it might not have been the best idea to run 13.72 today (runner first, right? It's on my bumper so it MUST be true!) but I wanted to get it in. It was a gorgeous day... a little cool (I should have skirted though) and my legs felt great... barely tired!


Lap 1: 8:16
Lap 2: 8:34
Lap 3: 8:33
Lap 4: 8:48
Lap 5: 8:36
Lap 6: 8:47
Lap 7: 8:42 (stopped watch to fuel)
Lap 8: 8:41 (stomach started feeling yucky)
Lap 9: 9:02 (stomach was really feeling yucky - stopped and walked a little)
Lap 10: 9:02 (stopped and walked)
Lap 11: 8:45 (Stopped and walked again)
Lap 12: 8:53
Lap 13: 8:49
Lap .72: 9:28 (puked and forgot to stop watch :))

Why the stomach issues? Well, I think it was a combination of not eating enough (I did not run until 1:45 and kept it light all day because it is hard to run with a full belly - I prefer running first thing in the morning for this reason) and the GU on an empty stomach. I probably should have GUed twice, but didn't because of stomach not appreciating the first one.

Also, I lost a bottle on the trail somewhere. Fell out. Bummer!

I experienced another mental defeat that was crippling. I was cutting it pretty close to getting the kids off the bus. I was nervous that I wasn't going to make it... and instead of it making me run faster, it made me run slower. WTH? I kept telling myself that I wasn't going to make it. My kids would be stranded... it was AWFUL! Every time I stopped to walk, I clicked the Garmin to show me the time and then I would panic even more.

In the end I made it back to my car and home with time to spare (called the neighbor just in case) and of course the bus was 10 minutes late. But this is the second time I felt super mentally defeated (remember the Brick, HERE?)... so:
How would you have mentally pushed through to make it home in time today?

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Terri said...

Hey, you made it. All's well that ends well. And you had a back-up plan, so it wouldn't have been the end of the world if you hadn't. I find that panic slows me down, too, so I simply don't let myself panic. Ever. I can lose it completely after something is over, but no panic. Of course, in my line of work you can't afford to panic, so I have had lots of incentive to train myself to avoid it, you know? And your pace was very good!

Lisa J said...

I feel your pain with the stomach issues- especially with Gu involved on a light stomach. (learned the hard way as well on that one)

In regards to improving the mentality, its all about thinking what you want to happen- i.e. "I'm going to make it" over and over (or if you've heard of law of attraction, thats basically what i'm referring to)- sounds crazy, but it definitely helps put you in the right mind set, and in this case, hopefully calm your nerves

coach dion said...

2 week taper, I never train enough for a 2 week taper. I always feel I still need to train

Mary said...

I hate being on a tough run with some where to be!! Hope you are doing better now!

The Happy Runner said...

Running is so mental -- so are kids. The combination can be tough! But, you made it!

Nice run!

Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

Man your times are great with or without stomach issues. I know that our minds mess with our bodies. After all the training you'd think we would be more confident.

Glad you made it back in time. I would have stressed about that too.