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Sunday, February 20, 2011

40.8 mile weekend

Yes, I did 40.8 miles this weekend. Okay, okay, it wasn't all running.

On Saturday I did a run:walk with Bob. I believe the ratio was a 2 min run:40 sec walk. Total miles ran 14.9, total over all: 16.9. And it was a nice day, but the wind... wow! It was tough coming home. We were tired and as TriGuy put it (he ran that afternoon), it was like there was a hand on pushing us backwards. Unfortunately, TriGuy had stronger wind than we did, but it was still around 20 mph gusts that morning  (he had more like 29 mph).

The trails were all cleared thanks to a couple of days in the high 60s. Compared to last week, it felt easy. I did not have to worry about my ankles or falling on the ice. It was great to reconnect with Bob. It seemed like it had been forever since we had last run together. And with the run:walk ratio, it was easy.

My right hip and my left knee hurt after we were finished. I started with a tight right hamstring, but the easy pace helped work it out. Not sure why my hip or knee hurt, but I can only guess that I wasn't running in the Chi form when facing the wind.

Today... yes, today - I had my first group ride with the MoCo sect of the DCTri Club. I was sooooo nervous. Remember the last time I tried to leave the 'hood I fell at the first intersection. Yeah, so my nerves were on edge.

Since the group was kind enough to start at noon, I had to pack everything that morning as I headed to church. I felt like I was bringing everything.... and I realized that it takes a lot, I mean A LOT of gear to be a cyclist and I was super afraid I was going to leave something behind.

I allowed the youth to play a little b-ball at the end of class so I could change and be ready to head to the starting point by 11:30. The whole drive there, I was shaking... literally. I never felt this must pressure when running or even swimming for that matter. I think it was because I had to rely on something else - the bike.

The gang all arrived and we set off. I did meet a bunch of people and I was excited that there was 15 of us out there. We started down a hill, easy enough, right? Wrong, I felt like I was going to fast and that I was going to crash. I took a deep breath and said a prayer to try and relax. Sure enough, I fell into a grove. TriGuy hung back for a second to make sure I was okay. It was nice that I really knew someone out there. I was having problems with the gears and he told me what to do.... ahhh, now it felt right. I assured him that I was okay, and allowed him to go back to the front - yeah, he is that good.

We went about 8 miles to the first stop/turn around point. There was some trash talking and camaraderie and it felt right. I was starting to feel at ease. We turned around and took off. It was hard to keep up with the fast people (TriGuy & friends) and actually most of the time they were no where to be seen. There were a couple of people with me, so it felt good that I wasn't completely alone out there.

Overall, I think it was a successful ride. I did NOT fall! I figured out my gears. I got comfortable and I feel more confident.

The bad: well, I did not go very fast, but I think I was conserving some of my energy for fear of the ride. I just did not know what 25 miles would feel like. In the end, my Garmin said, 23.9 miles in 1:58 which makes for an average 12mph. I didn't stop the watch when we stopped, so maybe I was going a little faster. Not bad for a first ride and just gives me something to improve upon.

Bad #2: I chaffed my lady parts. Yep, didn't really realize until the shower. Note: soap and hot water are not friends of chaffing. In fact, they are ENEMIES. OUCH!

But I feel good. So good that I actually named my bike. I know I had said that it was a boy and all, but after rides on the trainer and outside (not to mention it is fit for woman specific bike), I decided early last week that it was a girl. Come back tomorrow when I reveal her name.
Oh and all of you cyclists out there... any advice to help me with my lady parts for the next ride?


MomRunningFromCancer said...

Sounds like a great weekend. Regarding biking and lady parts . . . I think that is something that you just have to get use to - the more you ride, the more your body gets use to the pressure points. You are wearing padded bike shorts - right?

One other suggestion I would have is to take your bike back to the store and get it re-fitted for you. Now that you are riding it - your form is probably a lot different than when you orginally purchased it.

momof3 said...

OUCH! I am SO glad to hear you had a good ride as well. I was super pleased with my ride today, LOL, the splits are hilarious though, because we would ride with the girls, and then stretch out, and then sit again. I totally get how a person could just LOVE that ... I can't believe I just said that again. But it's so true... I get how someone could be in love with biking. Kc and I spent our day today stressing about "what happens if we get a flat", so tomorrow or Tuesday I'm heading out to pick up some "tools" and a spare tube, JUST incase it ever happened. Hot Doc's big fear is that I'm going to get stranded out on the Fankle somewhere and have to walk... AND I will ANXIOUSLY be waiting to see what your posse says about the girl parts. I didn't have an issue, I was wearing bike shorts under compression tights because it was freezing today at 7am. But eventually I'm going to be riding in warmer weather/less clothing.