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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Down 20

This week, I must have taken it "easy". According to Daily Mile, I only clocked 52 miles and if you do recall, that is down 20 miles since last week. Honestly, it did not feel like I clocked less, but I know that it is still extremely good.

The Break Down:

Run: 38 miles - over 5 days
Cycling: 12 miles - over 2 days
Swimming: 1.2 miles - on 1 day

And I still have not narrowed down an exact plan that I should be following. My goals have been to swim at least one day, bike at least 2 days, and run at least 5 days. That means that my goals have been met.

My long run yesterday was COLD. We waited to start until 10am. TriGuy finally hooked me up with the DCTri MoCo Group and I was excited to meet more people.  After a slight miss communication we finally got started. Did I mention that it was COLD? I wore 2 UA tights, and 3 cold gear tops, a UA hat and gloves.

Most of the group only wanted to run 6 miles, but TriGuy agreed to run an additional 7.1 miles with me. My goal for my long run was to run 13.1 miles at a 8:30 pace. The first 3 flew by. Getting to know new people is always fun, and TriGuy kept the pace.

Mile 1: 8:23
Mile 2: 8:11
Mile 3: 8:34

After we turned around, we suffered the slight incline on the way back. TriGuy kept up the pace as some of the Tri group dropped back. I struggled to stay with him:

Mile 4: 8:53
Mile 5: 8:52
Mile 6: 8:37

TriGuy said good bye to the group as he and I headed to do 7 more. Unfortunately,  I led him to the part of the trail that was not paved. Frozen ground with multiple bike tracks = bumpy trail run. After a 1/2 mile, my ankles and knees where feeling it. TriGuy kept up the conversation, but at mile 8, my stomach was starting to feel bad. Not sure what the issue was, but by mile 9, I had to stop because I thought I was going to vomit. I try to get TriGuy to go on (I really did not want a replay of me throwing up in front of him like the 10k race in December), but he insisted on hanging with me. After a minute, I started running again. At mile 10, I was forced to stop again and this time I just knew I was going to be sick. Thankfully, TriGuy agreed to run a little ahead and turn around. And I dry heaved twice. I was just wishing I would vomit already and get it over with.... NO SUCH luck.

Mile 7: 8:45
Mile 8: 8:55
Mile 9: 9:12
Mile 10: 9:05
Mile 11: 8:44

In the end, I ran another mile with TriGuy and stopped again and begged him to keep going. He agreed. I caught my breath and ran a fast 1.5 miles in.

Mile 12: 8:23
Mile .89: 8:12

I have NO idea why I felt sick. My hunch is that since we ran later than I normally do, it was combination of empty stomach, the Gu, and not much liquids. I was happy I finished but I did not make the goal pace of 8:30 miles. There is always next time, right?
Any ideas of why I felt sick? How was your weekend run?


Pam said...

I still can't believe how speedy you've gotten! Sorry you felt bad yesterday. Hope it's not the beginnings of a bug. EVERYBODY here has had it!

H Love said...

dude...that is speedy! do you think you got motion sickness?? just kidding....not sure but hope it passes! Great job!

Terri said...

Good night girl! Dry heaving and you still ran in the 8's! I would call that a successful training run! My suspicion is you have a stomach bug or it was the empty stomach. But I'm only guessing.

Richelle said...

Your hunch about why you felt sick is probably correct. I did a run last winter and stopped at the post office one-mile into my run to mail a package. I collapsed in line and they had an ambulance take me home. I hadn't consumed anything other than one gel and some water.

ajh said...

Hope you are feeling better. I finally did the Stylish Blogger Award post you gave me if you want to check it out.