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Thursday, January 20, 2011

3 Things

1. I start my Park Tool Class at Revolution Cycles tonight. When my bike chain mysterious fell off last week (hmmm, kids or dog), it took me about an hour to put it back on. TriGuy said next time I should turn the bike upside down.... oh, yeah... that would have made it MUCH easier. Hopefully, I will walk away with more than I EVER wanted to know about fixing my bike.

2. I ran 11.8 miles OUTSIDE today. I am not sure what is up with the weather during the day, but today, HONESTLY felt like early Spring... and I LOVED it. I rocked my skirt and knee highs... and felt great. Bad thing was that my right hamstring started to hurt at mile 8 and by the time I was finished hurt even more... I think those step-ups from the other night... Solution: STRETCH, STRETCH, STRETCH!

3. I heard today from 3 different people that I was obsessed with running, or with working out, or with being healthy. I KNOW I am... but honestly, is that a bad thing? One day, maybe I will not be consumed with it all, but now, I AM. It has been almost 2 years since I started my healthy living journey... will it ever be a natural thing or will I HAVE to work at it for the rest of my life?


Lisa said...

There are worse things to be obsessed with. :-)

Rene' said...

i think that you are right on track. who cares if you are obsessed! just stay YOU!

Anonymous said...

congrats on your long run :) that's awesome.

kimert said...

#3. That is NOT a bad thing.
Way to go on the long run!

MomRunningFromCancer said...

OK Jen - don't take this the wrong way . . . . I have to ask you - do you really dress like that while you use your bike trainer? I am in bike shorts and a sleeveless shirt and a boni band - summer attire / and usually really sweating! (Plus my trainer is in my lower level and I usually use it in the morning - when our furnace is just turning on for the morning). I usually start with a sweatshirt on - but quickly pull it off.

And I would love to be running outside in comfy temp's. This morning I ran in 7 degree temp's - but there wasn't any wind - so it wasn't too cold. But tomorrow morning it is suppose to be bitterly cold - lows tonight are sub-zero and it is suppose to be windy - so probably no running for me tomorrow morning. I will be hitting the bike trainer - and sweating a lot ;-)

Just wondering ;-)

Elizabeth said...

Not a bad thing to be obsessed about, but them you are talking to like minded people here.

Anne said...

You look great on your bike!
I just read this quote on someone else's blog (Take*Two) " Obsessed" is how the unmotivated describe the dedicated "

:) You rock!

coach dion said...

OK on point 1. yes turning the bike up-side-down does help, but you also need to know men don't have fingernails to worry about, so we just grab and do it. I bet it would also take me forever if I had pretty hands to worry about, hope to class went well.
Point number 2. Nice run, I would have it a guess your hammies are 'tired' so yes stretch, but also strengthen. So bend over and touch your toes, and instead of trying to stretch more, use your hammies to straigthen up again, or if sitting on the ground touching your toes get some-one to push on your back, then using your hammies push against them. Hope that make sense, and helps.
point number 3.If you are obsessed, what am I?

Anonymous said...

So I've noticed in a few pictures but when did you cut your hair?? Very cute! :)