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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

November Recap and Answers

I cannot believe that it is December already. I think Christmas is among my most favorite times of the year. With the birth of our Savior, it signifies that we too can be reborn and know that grace alone is sufficient for our lives.

Here are my stats for November:

Total Miles run: 97 miles (not bad since I am not really training for anything)

Races: Candy Cane City 5k: 23:55 (PR)
           YMCA Bethesda / Chevy Chase Turkey Trot 10k - 1:02:38 (PR)

p90X: Week #4, Day 3 (will post pics soon)

Bike: test rode 4, but still no decision made

Total miles for 2010: 1306

My next conquest (race) will be the Jingle All the Way 10k on December 12th. I hope to set a great PR with TriGuy pacing me. There is a 5k this Saturday too and while I am tempted to rock it, I think I will just do a normal long run - 10 miles, anyone?

And on my 200th post, I allowed you to ask me some questions that  hope to post over the next few weeks. Here are some of the questions with my answers:

God's daughter said... My random question about this post: For Nov 6th. It says ran naked with Bob. Is that for real?

Sometimes I am so used to reading running blogs that I use lingo that may not be understood. To run naked to me (as opposed to nudists) means to simply run without a GPS or watch. There are many advantages in running naked in that you listen to your body and run as far and as fast as you want. I have a very HARD time running naked. I like to know my pace, how far, and overall time. TriGuy is challenging me in the next race not to wear my Garmin.... and it scares me to death!

proudpatriot07 said... Something I'm dying to know, is if you have any running traditions such as always eating the same thing before a run or wearing something special?

Running traditions: Like most runners, I lay out all of my clothes the night before, pack my belt (water, Gatorade (Low-cal Grape), fuel (Gu - Just Plain), chapstick, etc), and plan my run. I cannot even remember a time I showed up to do a long run and had no idea what I was doing. I am a planner, a scheduler. I know way in advance what my running plans are even if I am not training particularly for a race. It gives me a peace to know. Before my long runs, I eat a half of a Luna bar and drink a couple of sips of water. After a long run depending on how far, I drink a low cal protein shake and enjoy cold fruit, thanks to Bob. As for wearing something special: I always were a headband (might change now that I cut my hair off), my Brooks Adrenaline - I have been wearing this shoe for 8 years, and these days a running skirt.

Lifesong... said... how long do you think you need to have a running base before you train for a marathon?

I am not a running coach, but I think ANYONE can train for a marathon. I like Hal Higdon's plans. Check out his Novice plan HERE. And if you do the Jeff Galloway method HERE, it is a run/walk ratio. This is how Bob, my partner will be running his first marathon.

And it is raining and raining and raining here... I guess it will be a swim day!


Amanda@runninghood said...

That's funny about the run naked thing. I've been running for a long time and never heard that term but I've also only been blogging and reading running blogs for a little over a month. Ha! I guess I run naked a lot then...maybe I should keep i that way and not ask for a Garmin for Christmas. Hope you enjoy your Christmas season!

Heather said...

I accidentally returned my shoe chip thingie with the shoes I didn't like. I guess I too will be running "naked" for a while.

coach dion said...

I also feel naked without a watch, and as for the person asking about running a marathon, I often get asked: what age is best to race / run a marathon? well the answer is.. what you can train the most!!!
running naked is great fun!!!

The Happy Runner said...

Great month!

Shellyrm said...

Nice job during the month. I love that you are able to do P90X. It is a great workout. (If I could get myself to take it back out of the box)

That is funny! Naked. I forget sometimes that "non" runners read what we write too. Maybe we need runners dictionary?!