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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Happy Birthday!!!

I remembered when the doctor first placed Kiera on my tummy still covered in all of the "stuff" and (besides thinking she was a boy) I started to frantically count her fingers and toes. I remember holding her and staring into her eyes and not believing that this miracle came from me. I remember when the nurse took her away to check her out and me thinking, "When are you going to give her back to me?" I remember when they took her away and Lyle followed her, leaving me to think about what just happened. How I was so incredible blessed with a healthy baby with 10 fingers and 10 toes. When she finally came back which felt like HOURS, I remember nursing her (trying to at least) and just crying over how beautiful my baby was, this gift from God!

Today, as the wrapping paper lies crumbled on the floor and the kids are playing with all of their new toys, I wanted to take time to talk about a birthday. In our family, we celebrate the birth of Christ today.  For me it is easy to place myself in Mary's place. Why did God choose me to carry this child? Why did God want him to have such a humble beginning by being born in a stable... aren't kings celebrated with the finest of things? Gabriel revealed that Jesus would be king, so I think I would have been thinking... "Seriously, God... a stable?" Did Mary know what would become of her son... I cannot even imagine knowing that while celebrating his birth at the same time.

And like any innocent child, Kiera said, "Why do we celebrate Christ's birthday when He isn't here?"

But Christ IS here; He is with us. He did rise from that grave. Christmas is just the beginning of the message that God gave us. A Savior is celebrated today! Thank you God!


coach dion said...

Some Birthday's are just worth celebrating