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Monday, October 25, 2010

Where have I been?

Don't worry... I am doing well. I know it has been a week since I last posted.

I have been CRAZY busy. October is a busy month around here... especially last week. On October 20th, Lyle and I celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary:

And on Saturday, Brock celebrated his 6th birthday (Super Mario Bros themed):

Before Brock's party, I set out on my last long run before the LONGEST RUN EVER on Sunday Oct. 31st:

Bob and I did 8 miles. We started by walking 1/2 mile, jogging 1/2 mile, before we actually started the Garmin. We also did the 3:1 walk/run and tried to maintain a 11 minute pace. I really want to run the first half between 10:30 and 11 min miles. I do not want to go out to fast and then crash (like what happened on my 20 miler).

My IT Band did not hurt very much. I knew it was there. I started to run a little differently with my hips and it did cause some awkwardness, but may be just what I need to cross that finish line.

My goals (to remind you and me):

1. Cross the finish line with a smile (hands in the air)
2. Cross the finish line without injury
3. Have fun and ENJOY the last mile
4. Get Christy

And I am getting nervous, afraid, petrified. I have people who want to come down and cheer me on and I keep discouraging them. Bob said I should let them... because they want to support me. I am SOOO afraid of failing that I keep making excuses for why they should not come.

And to top that off, I thought the race started at 7am, but it is a 7:50 start, which means I will not be crossing the start line until after 8am. And that means that I will be running until 12:30 - 1pm. I will be STARVING by the time I finish....

How do you prepare the week before your marathon?


Emily said...

Advice for the first marathon? HAVE FUN. Hoot and holler as you cross the start line, chat with other runners, thank the volunteers, and savor every mile!

Go nice and slow and enjoy the experience, you may not believe this now, but it will be over way too fast!

One other thing I did for my first marathon (that I learned from my mom) was to dedicate my last 6 miles, so each mile after 20 I could think about someone who inspired me or means a lot in my life. It helps as you get into that distance that you've never run before because even if you want to,you can't let yourself give up on your brother's mile, or you coach's mile, or your best training partner's mile.

Let me know what you're wearing, I'll be out cheering in my boot!

Karen said...

I am with Emily - HAVE FUN and take it all in! It sounds like you are well prepared so go out there and have a good race :)

Margie said...

Have fun! I just did my first marathon and honestly, the last week or two were scarier than the race itself. I questioned everything I ate, every mile I ran (or didn't run), and everything else I did. You're prepared. You'll do great. Don't worry!

Pam said...

Okay, I didn't ask the first time you posted your goals, but now curiosity has gotten the best of me.

What do you mean by #4?

Janet said...

I like what Emily said. just run YOUR race. Think about all the work you put into this race. Your not trying to win.. you have nothing to compare this to, so this will be you PR for a ya and praying for you.

ajh said...

You definitely want people there to see you. Tell them what you are wearing as you will be hard to spot. There is nothing like seeing friends and family supporting you at a marathon! I did the MCM a few years back and LOVED it. Yeah.have a blast!

ajh said...

I just read what Emily said. It really does help to dedicate the last 6 miles. If I have time I send the person a note and ask them to be thinking of me as I am doing that section. I give them an approximate time. I remember my mother's mile. She is not alive but I truly felt she was with me and got me through that mile!

Whitney said...

Jen, Good luck this weekend. Trust your training and enjoy the experience. You'll definitely want friends/family supporters there to cheer you on and celebrate with you. P.S. Love your dress in your anniversary picture!

Karen said...

oh! If your name is not on your race bib, put your name on your shirt somehow. People will shout your name which can be very helpful towards the end.

awdpollard said...

I'm with Karen - I had my name on my bib for my 1st 1/2 marathon and it really made me feel good when people were cheering me on.