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Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Yes, Boo! Now my left hip has a sharp pain in it... when I am NOT running. It started on Saturday after my run. Not exactly sure what it is all about. Hubby gave it a little massage last night (like pulling teeth to get him to do it) and it felt better. After this mornings 4am run, it aches again. UGH!

Yesterday I ran a 3.1 mile taper run, and set a PR for myself (although it is unofficial). It felt good to go fast. I was thinking about the last miles of the marathon. I WOULD love to have a 5k PR during the last miles of my marathon... how awesome would THAT be?

I am still eating clean, went to bed early last night (the reason I woke up at 3:45 am this morning), and have only 1 more run before the big day.

I keep getting the question: "Are you ready?"

Am I ready? Not sure. But at this point, I HAVE to be. Bob gave me a written observation of the course (from the day that we ran some of it and drove the rest) and I have been reading that every night. I have it practically memorized. And I think I am going to think about my race (while running it) in 4 miles increments - makes it easy since I will be fueling that way.

Brock barfed on Sunday night... praying that it was just something he ate and not a stomach bug. My hands hurt from washing them to avoid catching... whatever it is.

I REALLY appreciate the advice I am getting about preparing for the marathon. Keep it coming if you haven't sent me any yet!


Lisa said...

look how cute you are!

i don't do marathons, but last half marathon i thought of it as a 10 mile warm up with a 5K at the end. I wasn't able to speed up for the 5K, but I still 'owned' it and was happy about that.

shellyrm aka jogging stroller mama said...

Great outfit!
Take it easy on the hip. Not an area to injure. A PR would be great! All the training will come through. Remember we only go temporarily crazy before the race, it will pass.

teacherwoman said...

You look great, girl! Love the oufit! And the idea of having a 5K PR at the end of your marathon is super cool!

MCM Mama said...

Good luck this weekend! Focus on enjoying the run. MCM is a great race and has wonderful crowd support. Hitting Crystal City is like hitting a wall of sound. It's AWESOME!

momof3 said...

Oh yes, you're definitely thick into the jungle of Taper Island, no worry though, you're about to be voted off!

Have you thought about getting adjusted by a chiropractor tomorrow? Tomorrow at the latest though, just incase something is a little sore afterwards. Just my thought on the hip.

I think, and this is just my theory, that the marathon is run in the last 6.2 miles. That's when the true test is, that's when you pray, that's when you keep putting one foot in front of the other, THAT is the marathon. A 5K PR is not the goal. A MARATHON is the goal. I'm just sayin'.

awdpollard said...

I think your goal needs to be finishing with a smile on your face and as pain free as possible. Forget PR's.....remember you want to be smiling and running in great form when those photographers are taking your pictures....and when they are available order one of those pictures in a huge 8x10. You deserve it you are about to become one of few women in this world who can say "I finished a marathon."