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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A do run run run a do run run.

Bob and I were planning to run 8 miles tonight, but he had to go off to some work conference (like work is more important) and would be running around a nice golf course/country club all by himself.

So, I decided to get up and run all by myself  - *gasp.  I know many of you run by yourself most of the time, but since coming back from my 13 day and 11 hour running hiatus... I really was looking forward to running 8 with Bob.  And in order to run by myself, I decided to stick with my original plan and run only 5 miles.

I needed to be at the Elementary School by 9:45, so I started early. The last couple of mornings it had been quite chilly, so I dressed in my cute running skirt and knee socks... but as I walked my children to the first bus stop, I was HOT. I did not have enough time to go home and change if I was to make it to school on time - I am not sure how G and T run with knee socks all of the time.

Anyway, I was cruising along, and because traffic was so bad, I was running faster than all of the cars - it felt nice. Mile 1 split: 8:35.

By mile 2, I was getting really hot and noticed that my back started to hurt. I decided to check off my Chi Running posture list and the ache ceased. Mile 2 split: 9:23. By mile 3, I was headed over the major interstate (still running faster than the cars) and as I passed a gas station, I had an incredible urge to pee... this NEVER happens to me. So I turned around and used the surprisingly clean facilities and rinsed off. Mile 3 split: 9:35

The hard part about stopping was that at mile 3, there is a HUGE foot bridge over the interstate and it is a big, long hill. I tried to maintain my pace... but I felt like I was running in place... and then my right hamstring started to feel tight. Again, I decreased the distance in my stride and the pain ceased. I completely missed the Garmin beeping at mile 4, but I made it over the foot bridge.

At mile 4.5, I was almost run over in a cross walk by an impatient women in a sports car.... but that is when my right ankle started to hurt - you know the one that the Doctor said could have a fracture in... I started to get nervous, but concentrated on my foot placement... and the pain ceased.

At mile 5, I was near the fields at elementary school and saw a class on the field, running. I looked closer and saw that my Kiera was one of them. I yelled her name and she looked up at the sky (seriously, she thought it was the voice of God?). I yelled again, "Go Kiera!" She finally saw me and sped up.... and the next thing I know, the whole classes is sprinting to catch me... I started to encourage all of the class.... it was awesome.

By mile 5.3, I was at her school surrounded by 27, 2nd graders - it was an awesome feeling... and in case you are wondering, Kiera was girl #1 to finish and the 4th student to finish. Perhaps she is more like me than I had imagined - we are just going to have to work on her training so she beats those silly boys!



It was super hot today. As for the socks, it is best to start wearing them in the cold weather then as it warms up you acclimate properly.

teacherwoman said...

Sounds like a great finish to a run! Nice job!

Pam said...

I got a good chuckle at the mental image of you calling Kiera's name and her looking at the sky. haha

Sounds like something I'd do.

Zaneta said... fun to end the run with the 2nd graders!? too cute! :D

momof3 said...

what T said - I give the socks a break any day it's forecast to be over 90 degrees.