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Friday, July 9, 2010

Starting to love Crossing Training Days

Oh, to not wake up before the sun rises. Friday is Cross Training Days for me. I actually slept "in" (woke up at 5:46) when Kiera wanted to snuggle. I even had time to make my kid's favorite breakfast - Jiffy corn muffins.

But I have to admit, I missed the endorphins. Around 8:30am, I was feeling kinda low and admitted out loud to my mother, I miss running... I feel like a bum. She smirked. It was kinda strange, but in fact true.

Since it has been so hot, Bob decided to run my 5 miler yesterday morning with me instead of running solo in the evening. I have opted out of evening runs this week for 2 reasons:
  1. It has been TOOOOO hot - at 4:30 am is it 79 degrees and 85% humidity and the sun wasn't even up yet.... at 9pm it is 88 degrees and 85% humidity. I choose early mornings.
  2. My parents are here helping us build the deck, so I CAN run early. I will miss that when they leave. In order to get a run in after they leave, I will have to start at 3:30 am and that is just INSANE!
I took a snap shot of me starting my run while it was dark... not sure what the light is and why it is blurry, but thought it was neat. Bob met me at the corner at 5am and we headed off. It was so humid that it was hard to breath. Both of our breaths were labored for most of the run. We ran mostly on concrete sidewalks, so that hurt a little, but overall it was good. We finished in 51:12 - a little less than 2 minutes slower than on Tuesday.

Today called for Cross Training and I was thrilled to head to the pool. Kiera's fever finally broke on Thursday (7 days after starting), so we could go swimming today. I wanted to make sure she was still healthy, so we only stayed for 2 hours. I swam 1100 meters over two adult swims. The first one I did 500 m in 15 minutes and the second one I did 600 meters in 15 minutes. The water felt great and I wasn't even breathing hard when I finished. One thing I noted was that I wasn't using my legs much during the freestyle, which is a great arm workout, but I need to work my legs too. So, like running, I will have to use my brain in the pool too.

Our deck is coming along. It is so excited to be close to completion: Here is the deck as of today. It is 16x16 feet. I am currently thinking up a cool theme for our party to show our new deck off. My mother suggested: "Come Trek on our Deck!"

Got any ideas?


Marlene said...

"You know you are a runner when..." 5:46 is a sleep-in! Good call on the mornings. We have had similar temps this week and I did the same.

Deck looks great!

MomRunningFromCancer said...

I like your mom's idea - it is pretty clever. Today was the first day in weeks that it was not humid out. I just checked our local weather and it is only 52% humidity - 82 degrees - but low humidity makes a huge difference.

Today was a rest day for me - so although I walked the dog this morning and got to enjoy the cooler less humid temp's - I didn't get to enjoy it while exercising.

Hope you see some relief from the humidity . . . at least for a few days.

Pam said... about "Deck" the Halls? You Christmas in July with a play on the word deck!

Wow... I impress myself sometimes. LOL

Kirsten said...

Sounds like a great swim! You're going to love it when it cools down (hopefully???) in OCTOBER! I can't believe you would have to get up at 3:30 AM to run after your parents leave. If I were you I'd find some high school kid or maybe one of your past youth group kids to come babysit for an hour every morning at 6 and RUN! :) ) :) :) :) Easier said then done I'm sure!

The deck looks great!

momof3 said...

I don't know, maybe you don't need to worry about your "legs" when you swim. My Iron Man Witch Dr (aka, chiro) says most runners swim "wrong" because they use their legs too much. Sounds like you're doing what he wants me to do!

Lisa said...

Trek on our Deck....perfect!