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Sunday, June 27, 2010

10 sloooooooooooow miles.... barely

On Saturday, Bob picked me up at 5:45 and we headed to the Mount Vernon Trail to get in our 10 miles. It was extremely hot... and I felt off all morning. Why?

Well, for four hours the night before, my husband and I tore down our deck! Yes, you read that right. With sledge hammers and all... we knocked it down, carried it to our pickup and I hauled it to the dump. Nothing like a chic at the dump on a Friday night... I did get 3 offers to help me though. Is that a pick-up line at the dump? And believe me when I said, I did just as much as my husband. I kept saying, "P90X - real world - baby!" It was fun and rough and tough. I was wearing steel-toed-boots and jeans and a long sleeve shirt. Kiera thought I was crazy, but I did not want to get all scratched up.

I set the alarm, but somehow changed the time. When Lyle nicely scratched my back at 5:15 and said, "Are you getting up?", I freaked out. I raced to get ready. My fore arms and shoulders and biceps were SORE! My legs had bruises on them. I walked the dog and grabbed everything (so I thought!). I felt like I was rushing so I just grabbed my shoes and socks and slipped flip-flops on.

Bob and I drove the 20 minutes to Mount Vernon Trail. When we got there, I had my shoes one and looked for my sun glasses - UGH - I left them at home. Bummer... no visor either. We started to walk to warm up and then started to run. Mile 1-3 our pace averaged 11:15. My legs felt like cement. Mile 4-6, we picked it up and were at 10:35 average. Mile 7-8 was tough. My legs were tight, we stopped to stretch. I felt like we were running against a wall of humidity. Also, I wasn't used to all of the bike traffic... and every time a biker said, "Left" - I literally jumped. Bob took the inside... but it was still tough. The only thing that kept me going besides Bob was the beautiful scenery. Nothing like running along the river looking at the monuments.... it was awesome!

Mile 9 my left foot ached. I tried to shake it but it was getting worse. We decided to walk and talked about all kinds of things like posture, form, listening to our bodies... etc. I LOVE Bob... he is not my running partner... he is my COACH!

We actually walked the last two miles... but we finished 10 miles in 1:55. Not bad for walking that last 2 where our avarege pace was 17:25. I think my left foot hurt because I wore my steel-toed boots... which do not have much support. My foot feels fine today, but it did not at the end of our run. I am glad that Bob coached me to listen to my body and give it a break. We finished with strawberries and apple slices and a EAS protein drink.

Not sure how I am going to start my marathon training with all of this heat. We will actually get a break on Tuesday with highs only in the 80s and low humidity. That will be a great start.

Monday, June 28th - is my first day of my training schedule for my marathon in October - Marine Corps. Here is what the week looks like:

Monday - cross (I'm going to swim)
Tuesday - 3 m run
Wednesday - 5 m run
Thursday - 3 m run
Friday - 5 m pace
Saturday - 10 m
Sunday - rest

Is anyone else training for or planning to run the Marine Corp or another October marathon? I'd like to keep in close touch so we can keep each other accountable and motivated. Let me know.

BTW: I see that I have 200 followers now!!!

WOW - THANK YOU! So this means.... a giveaway. Check back next week to enter. I will have an AWESOME giveaway (hopefully on Wednesday) and all you will have to do is follow me (oh and leave a comment telling me you want to be entered)


Angie Bishop said...

I am planning a marathon in October too! What training plan are you going with? You lucky duck to have a coach!!!
Good job listening to your body :)

Sign me up for that giveaway! Congrats on 200!!!

MomRunningFromCancer said...

No maraton's in my future - just the 1/2 in the middle of August. Way to stick with it - even when you are feeling extremely tired.

Rene' said...

i have a marathon planned in November, are you using Hal Higdon that looks like the schedule that I just printed out except rearranged a bit:) would love to keep in touch through the process. i am a little anxious. would love to be entered in the give away as well:) i am a follower.

Mike said...
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Heather said...

Hi Jen, I'm training for Marine Corps Marathon too. I will send you a message on Dailymile and we can encourage/motivate each other. Good luck with your training!

Michelle said...

Wow on dismantling the deck - I think I would be sore as well!

Good luck on marathon training!

momof3 said...

Going to bike to my swim today as cross for my Nov Marathon. I wish we were running the same Marathon. A lot of people who don't get into MCM use RIC as their back up. SO - speaking of walking... This Saturday I went out for a run, and totally bombed. Like, "went out for 6, changed my mind to 4, walked a half mile back after 3". I got some weird muscle spasm or something, the next day, I was fine for 9. Anyway, I'm telling you my life story here to point out that a bad run isn't a predictor to a bad run. It's just a run to put behind you. And really, your run doesn't sound bad to me, just hard after a lot of hard work.

Marlene said...

Way to push through a tough 10-miler!

Congrats on 200 followers and you are looking GREAT in your updated pic!

MCM Mama said...

Way to go on the tough run. I love running the Mount Vernon trail, but there are a lot of bikes, for sure.

I'm not doing a fall marathon. I've trained through the VA heat once for Marine Corps and I doubt I'll ever do it again. Good luck with all the training. I'm sure you'll rock it!

Kate said...

i started training today for the MCM. following the novice 1 program for now. was going to do novice 2 but hurt my hip 3 weeks on week 10 of the intermediate spring training schedule. took ten days off to heal it and i think it's ok now. been praying so much that i can train injury free this time. if you would keep me in mind, i would really appreciate it. i was so crushed last fall when i got to week 14 and injured my ITB bad. :(