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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Just a Running Fool...

I have become a running fool this week... and it is only Wednesday. Most of you run everyday and while I try, it does not always happen. This is what this week looks like so far:

Monday: 9.1 - 1 hour 28 minutes
Tuesday: 5.76 - 53 minutes
Wednesday: 3.96 - 46 minutes

I really do think I am becoming a runner.

On Thursday evening, I head to West Palm Beach for 3 nights with a good friend. This is a trip that I won from winning the Gazette Healthy Challenge last year. I am excited. My husband refused to go with me, so I finally asked my friend Melissa and now we are going! Yay!!!! It has been cloudy and rainy here all week... so I hope Florida brings some much needed sun - it is the Sunshine State after all, right?

While in WPB, I am participating in the Rock Your Socks Virtual 10k or 1/2 marathon. I haven't decided whether I am going to do a 1/2 marathon or just a 10k. I am nervous about running in a new area and about safety. I will just decide that day. Anyone live near West Palm Beach? I did a practice run with my socks and my calves have ached ever since that run. But, I have also put lots of miles and haven't spent too much time stretching, so I cannot blame the socks. And I am also wondering about a sock tan with knee high socks.

Last night the local Fleet Feet had a DIVA NIGHT... and I went with a great new friend, Robin! (This is a picture of us.) I signed up early, so I got a chair massage... it was AWESOME. I think most of the apparel was over priced but it was fun to hang out with about 75 over women runners. They had people from Moving Comfort there to do bra fittings, Red Door Salon and Spa gave the massages and make-up refreshers. Bone Fish Grill provided the apps and wine. It was run. I walked out only spending $20. I bought a new visor and some beans and energy chews. Which sparks my question for today:

I have run 12 miles and not taken them... so tell me what you do!
When do you take a GU or sports bean or energy chews? How long are those runs and how often do you take them?


EricaH said...

Great job racking up the mileage. Have a great time on your weekend trip.
I use GU and since I am addicted to the Chocolate Outrage and Mint Chocolate flavors I use them every 4 miles it gives me something to look forward to. :)

ShirleyPerly said...

Well, you are most certainly running more often than I do! I usually run only 2-4 times a week, although lately some of those runs have been marathons :-)

As for fueling, I usually take energy gels (can't chew when running) only if I'm going to be running a fairly hard pace for over 8 miles so, say, over an hour. If I'm running an easy pace, I don't usually take any gels (just drink water or Nuun electrolyte drink) unless my runs are over 15 miles. That is a fairly advanced runners' training methodology, however, that is meant to teach one's body to use fat more efficiently to spare using glycogen. For those who are running long distances for the first time, usually the recommended interval for taking a gel is every 45 minutes.

Keep up the good work!

Lisa said...

i do not take gu or beans. but any run 8 miles or over I carry accelerade which has calories and protein.

Steel Springs said...

Great mileage this week! That's a lot of running. Have fun on your trip!

Syl said...

I haven't used Gu or beans, when I did my practice half I had my water belt filled with Gatorade. I also had a bigger breakfast about 2 hours before i left, I never felt like I needed anything else.

Sunshine Mama said...

If I was running twelve, I'd take an energy gel every two that's five and then fuel up after the twelth mile. If you think about it, 12 miles is burning 1,200 calories and five energy gels are only 500 calories. But I liked eating that could be part of it too. Some people have touchy stomachs and can't take the gels. You also need to down the gels with water. My brother really liked the chews.

Good job on all the mileage! You look great by the way!!

lilmeg said...

I usually take a Gu every hour if I'm running for more than an hour. If I'm racing, I take one 15 minutes before the start too. I really like Gu20 which is the Gu version of Gatorade to help with fuel for long runs as well.

The beans I find tasty, but they require too much chewing for me.

ajh said...

I don't take them before 10 miles and not racing often not until 14 or so. I am thinking about trying them sooner though.

Bethany + Ryan said... ARE a runner!

Michele said...

Great week so far! Keep up the good work!

I use Clif Shots and take them about every 5 - 6 miles during my long runs. Normally don't use them unless the run is over 8 miles though.

Barefoot AngieB said...

Nice mileage!!

I take a GU if my run is over 5 miles or so. It depends on how much energy I have going out and how long I am supposed to go. I usually take a GU on the 5s and some shot blocks or Chomps in between if its a long run.

Anonymous said...

hi! I just had to stop by and comment when I saw your post title on H Love's blog roll. I call myself a running fool. But I'm much closer to "fool" than "running" ;-)

ps. you know what I've found to work nicely? Raisins. They're cheap, portable, and supply a great burst of carbohydrates. Right up there with bananas as far as nature's perfect food.

Michelle said...

Awesome job on the mileage! You are a runner!

Marlene said...

Great job on the mileage! Hope you have a nice time in West Palm Beach.

On a long run/race, I will take a Gu every 45 minutes. I generally won't take anything on a run shorter than 2 hours.


Awesome job with the mileage. I never fuel for runs under 8 miles. On longer than that, it's one gu every 4-5 miles

Kate said...

wow! you are doing AWESOME!
i usually have a GU on runs over 6 miles, and will have it around mile 4. and every 4 miles after that.