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Monday, February 1, 2010

Wedgies and Running

I know... who wants to talk about their underwear? But I have a serious problem. You see, despite all of my weight loss, I have been wearing the same underwear. I actually prefer Victoria's Secret High-Leg Brief's in micro-fiber (which I do not think they make anymore) and have been wearing size L. I went to their site today and found out that size L is actually size 14/16. No wonder I keep getting wedgies.

So, now I need to go underwear shopping, which is worse than bra shopping (I did get refitted for bras at Nordstrom's after my weight loss). I think I can handle the every day underwear but what about for working out? There is nothing worse than fixing your wedgie in a room full of people.

It got me to thinking... do you wear special underwear to workout? To run? Is there a special market for running underwear?

After doing some research this is what I found out on "The synthetic material/no cotton" rule also applies to underwear. Make sure you wear tight-fitting, non-cotton underwear so any moisture is wicked away and you avoid chafing. Most uncomfortable underwear issues can be avoided by following that rule." also said that some women swear by running thongs. Are you kidding me? I am spending half of my time getting it out of my bum, let alone purposefully putting it there. I tried to find an image, but when searching for running thongs, I got lots of sandles.

And if you do a search on running underwear, you get tons of result. Although most of them are for men. Here is one with underwear starting at $20. That seems a little pricey to me.

So before I go out and spend $20 on one pair of running underwear, do you have any advice?


Missy said...

99% of female runners and cyclists don't wear underwear....yes, any time of the month, doesn't matter. Running shorts with either lycra or coolmax liners and that's it, built in underwear.

Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

LOL!! Most running shorts have underwear in them and spandex are made to be worn without. Sounds funny but ditch the cotton undies, you will be MUCH happier.. If you need something under your shorts go for a tight pair of long spandex shorts.

Renee said...

I agree with everyone else. Much better to go without, especially for the cycling.

Teamarcia said...

Um yes most runners go without. That said, I do not. I wear microfiber "runderwear" if you will. I got it at, although right now they don't have it. Sorry.
Hey nice whale tail on the elephant! :0

Tricia said...

I don't run in underwear.

Sara Cox Landolt said...

:-) As long as your spandex/material allows you, definitely go without! I wrote a post on it on my blog.