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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Thursday Thankfullness

I have a lot of things to be thankful for this Thursday.

  1. My husband surprised me by coming home a day early. Too bad I ruined his surprise because I had decided to go to Potomac Running Store in Rockville (more on that later), the library and take the kids out to dinner. When my cell phone rang and the number read, "Home", I got really nervous - who is in my house and why are they calling me?
  2. A bonus to #1, my husband decided to take today off, so we will do P90X - Plyometrics this morning and I will be able to run this afternoon! Yay!
  3. Another bonus to #1 and #2, was the early morning conversation in bed with hubby. I shared with him all of things that I had given up for Lent and we had a REAL conversation. After yesterday's post, I got several comments about the Fasting, 3 emails, and had 4 conversations with friends about it not being a good idea. Most had wonderful points and thus, I have decided to forgo #5 on my Lent give-up list. I agree with all of the advice: it is just not healthy to fast the entire day while in an intense strength training program (P90X) and while picking up my running again. I know it is only 4 Fridays, but this is just not the best time to do it. I haven't decided what I am going to add in its place yet but will keep you posted.
  4. Friends - I am thankful that my friends are willing to tell me the truth. I appreciate your advice and will totally count you in the future!
  5. Blog World - I love reading every one's blog updates - borderline obsessed. I feel like I know you - at least the part of you that you share. I talk about you as if I do know you. How many of you have said this, "My friend is ...." and you were talking about something a blog "friend" posted? I am doing this all of the time. It is CRAZY because I do not know you, but it is so natural. Thank you for being here for me, for sharing your struggles, achievements, advice. Even though I "lost" a follower yesterday - LOL!
  6. I started Enjoy the Silence by Robbins and Robbins last night. AWESOME! I am so looking forward to meditation on it during my afternoon run. It is a book about listening for God.

I had a very cool visit to the Potomac Running Store yesterday. I will update later about that experience.


Molly said...

What you wrote about blog friends is so funny, I "talk" to some of my blog friend more that my real life friends!

I like your Lenten list, I gave up salsa this year instead of chocolate. yikes!

Jocelyn said...

i like all of your thankfulness today! Probably smart about not doing the whole fasting thing. Your husband is so sweet to come home early and stay home today! :)
I do the same thing with all the blogs I follow. totally call you guys my friends :)

ESH said...

I'm glad you made the healthy decision!

I absolutely do that with blogs. You guys are my friends!

shellyrm aka jogging stroller mama said...

Nice the hubbs came home early and you two had a great convo.

I believe fasting but certainly not during training. The point is not to do harm to yourself. I think I am so behind in blogs that I missed you lenten list. I'll have to go back and read it.

Marlene said...

YAY for hubs coming home early!

Glad you were able to have a good talk with him about the fasting... sounds like you are making the smart choice.

Melissa said...

Sounds like lots of good things for you! I'm glad you decided not to mom does it, but she doesn't exercise as intensely as you! I'm glad Lyle got home safely and I hope you enjoy your time together!

ShirleyPerly said...

My husband once "surprised" me by showing up at home earlier than expected from a trip. Scared the heck out of me, actually. Now he knows to let me know so I don't get alarmed when someone starts wiggling the key in the door and the house alarm chimes.

Glad you had some extra time together, though!

WannabeRunner said...

Glad you have your hubby home! Excited to hear about your trip to the running store.

Anonymous said...

can't wait to hear about your trip to the running store.

MCM Mama said...

Glad your hubby came home early, even if you weren't there to appreciate it.

Some of my online friends have become some of my closest IRL friends. It's funny how the lines become blurred.

Bethany + Ryan said...

totalllllly agree with #5!!! i feel the same way! :-)

Teamarcia said...

Wow a hubby home early is unheard of around here! Enjoy that!
As for your question about Nikes, I've worn them in the past and had good luck with them but they've never been my long run shoe. I'm thinking the Lunar Glides will be more of a track/tempo shoe. When I get back to running one of these days!

Rookie on the Run said...

Ha ha! I talk about my running blogger friends like I know them personally, also.

What a nice surprise to have your hubby come home early. I always like that... except when the house looks like it was hit by a hurricane and I don't get a chance to clean it a little before he walks in the door.

I tagged you in my blog with the blogger Sunshine Award, by the way!!

Missy said...

Smart, fasting is best done when little to no exercise is being completed. Good decision.

I'm giving up cauliflower and sprouts, does that count for anything?:)

ESH said...

1. I warned you!

2. I have never even heard of Lake Needwood Park and I am dying for more RCP runs!

3. We will have to run together so you can show me your fave places! (And do not worry, I am not too fast for anyone! Don't you read my posts??? I just love to share my miles with other runners!)

Kirsten said...

I'm so overly happy that you changed your mind about the fasting thing. Honestly, it's been in my mind ever since you posted it and I've been worrying about you doing it with all of your hard core training! And with marathons in the near future! :) I kept trying to tell myself, it's just 40 days, whew!!! Now no more worrying. Thanks for sharing.