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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Water (on the brain) Wednesday

Below are my goals from last week - Week #3 in P90X - including some running. In green was completed and red was what was added:

Wednesday: Chest & Back, Ab Ripper X
Thursday: Plyometrics; run 3-5 miles (ran 4.5 miles)
Friday: Shoulders & Arms, Ab Ripper X
Saturday: Yoga X (finish it); run 4-6 miles (ran 6.5 miles)
Sunday: Legs & Back, Ab Ripper X
Monday: Kenpo X - run 5 miles - Rest (3.5 run, walked 1 mile)
Tuesday: X Stretch (rest) - Kenpo X

I think I did well last week. I did see the intensity of my P90X workouts take a hit the days I was running, but I will work on that.
My goals for this week - Week # 4 in P90X Doubles - and some running.
Wednesday: Yoga X - run 3-5 miles
Thursday: Core Synergistics - run 3-5 miles
Friday: Kenpo X
Saturday: X Stretch - run 7+ miles
Sunday: Core Synergistics
Monday: Yoga X - run 5 miles
Tuesday: Rest or X Stretch - run 4 miles
Since this week is a Recvoery Phase with the P90X, I am going to try and up my mileage. And I am going to take my sister's advice: I am going to use the miles with the baby jogger (and baby) as training runs - which means I should be running much faster without the stroller!!!
Also, some of you have read comments from me about drinking more water. Water is SUPER important. The Mayo Clinic, CDC, and The Medical Institute say that women should drink 72 ounces and men should drink over 100 ounces of a non-caffeinated and sugar-free drink a day and this isn’t taking into account in you are physically active. You need even more if you are working out, running, or exercising.
Every morning, I fill up my water "bottles" and begin my day. By the end of the day, I have consumed all of this water and more. I use reusable containers and SIGGs to save the enironment too. One even reads: "Friends don't let friends drink from plastic" (click the image to see for yourself)!

Today's question is:
How much water do you drink a day?


Syl said...

Wow! That's quiet the workout schedule you have, I could never do doubles, good for you!

Jocelyn said...

Nice work out schedule! So hardcore :) Youre a beast.
I drink sooooo much water. Probably over 100 oz, which could be bad but I gave up soda in 2003. All I drink its water and green tea (and beer). :)

Marlene said...

I aim for about 4L (135 oz) per day. I am CONSTANTLY drinking water (and constantly in the washroom, lol). I love the way I feel when I am very wlel hydrated.

Cute bottles!

saundra said...

In my office, the water cooler and the restrooms are located in a different suite from my office. So each morning, I fill up a 16oz glass and drink at my desk. Each time I go to the lav, I take the glass and refill it. I usually make at least 4 trips by noon-time.

teacherwoman said...

I probably drink about 100-125 ounces of water each day. I am really good about drinking water at work during the week, but it's the weekends that I struggle a bit more with because I am not in my routine. you know?!

Pam F. said...

I need to do better about drinking more water. I probably don't drink nearly enough. I feel like that's probably another bullet I should have put on my post regarding my horrible run Saturday. I think I wasn't well hydrated. It was almost 60, and I wasn't sweating at all. Normally I sweat like a pig.


Wow! You are a workout monster! Great job.

I try to drink a minimum of 3 32oz nalgenes per day. I usually get it all in.

Julie said...

Hi Jen,
Awesome job on your workouts you crazy girl:) I need to hop on the water train! I do not drink as much water as I should:( I have attempted several times to drink more water and stop drinking the other, soda, juice and ect. I usually do okay for a few weeks and then I end up caving!! Good job on staying strong and focused!! Happy Wednesday Jen!!

Teamarcia said...

Great job on the workouts! Wow!
Water is my BFF. I drink at least 100oz a day. It's really all I ever drink, unless I'm caffeinating for a speedy run. ; )

Running Diva Mom said...

Holy workouts, girl!!!!???? You crazy!!

WOW, that's a fabulous idea to fill up all of your cups/bottles first thing in the morning. I ususally keep filling up the same 32 oz and am lucky if I refill it at work these days. I need to give your idea a try, thanks!

ajh said...

I'm also better drinking water at work than at home. Makes no sense as there is always an available bathroom at home whereas at work I have to time it right!

Ewa said...

Except when I exercise with high intensity I trust my thirst. I am finding more and more that initial recommendations did not take into consideration how much liquid we take from fruits, vegetables and other foods. Too much water can dilute valuable electrolytes. More marathoners got into trouble because of that than not enough hydration. That got me thinking.
As for plastic bottles we are trying to avoid them as much as possible. Same goes for plastic containers. Every couple of years we find out about yet another substance in plastics that is not good for us. While we won't be able to entirely eliminate the exposure to plastics we will try to minimize it.

sAm said...

I don't drink enough water. Working on it! But I just had to comment - I have the same green sigg as you! I LOVE MY SIGGS!!!

Michelle said...

Oh my stars! You are hardcore and put my weekly stuff to shame! Way to go!

Hmmm. The water lately has not been enough. I have a hard time in the winter time drinking water. Thanks for the reminder

Missy said...

I try to hit 64oz but am usually around 20oz short...I have to cut myself off at 7pm like an old person or I pee all nite:)

shellyrm aka jogging stroller mama said...

You are doing so great on your workouts! I am jealous! I still have not started back to P90x...maybe after the race?!

I miss getting enough water most days. I was doing good and then...fell off the wagon.

Oh, my glasses. If the weather is wet I usually leave them at home. Lesson learned after wearing them in a 5k and getting lost because they were rain covered and I couldn't see! I take them off for pictures sometimes since they are all messy. I do have contacts which I will wear for my race most likely.

lindsay said...

i have been trying to work on my water intake cause i definitely need to do a better job of it! i already rarely drink coffee but i do have a weakness for 'bubbly waters' (flavored/carbonated waters).