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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Tuesday's Workout

Last night, Benny had us do a variety of exercises... and I am really feeling it today.

First I did 25 Squats per set on the Bosu Ball upside down:

Then I did Standing Bicep curls with 20 pound weights:

This was the best picture I could find. I did it using my knee instead of the bench. So, I stood in a lunge position and place the stationary hand on the front knee, and then puit a 20 pound weight in my other hand, and brought the weight to my shoulder. I was careful to make sure my elbow stayed high. This way I could feel it in my triceps too. I did 12 per arm on the first set and worked my way up to 15 by the 3rd set.

After this, I moved into some Suspension Training. I love these exercises. They are fun and it just helps to change out the workout slightly.

I started with T's:

I think the reason I enjoy this so much is because it uses your body weight. I did 3 sets of 15 reps of these. The trick is to never let the rope go limp... which is more challenging than you think.

After this one, I did another Suspension exercise that I just LOVE. I feel like I am dancing.

So in a one leg squat, kick your other leg behind you and then bring your knee to your chest... never letting that leg touch the ground. It required major balance which is working your core, you feel it in your hamstrings, butt, abs and in your arms.

After doing 1 set of each of these exercises, Benny had us run the stairs (her favorite punishment for us) 2 times and skipping a stair on the way up. Needless to say, I was out of breath.

Next we did some ab workouts together. She had Lyle and I facing each other and we threw a weighted ball back and forth while doing a crunch. So, as I come up from my back on the mat, I threw the ball to Lyle, who then went down to the floor. We did these until I could not do any more... Lyle could have done more.

Well, I got to get the kids on the bus. I will finish our workout later (today - hopefully)!