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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Butt workout

Sorry for the delay, but I have had a hard time finding pics on the web that demonstate what we did. Here is the best I could find:

Squats with weights:

The was the first thing we did. But we actually sat down on the bench. We did this until exhuastion. I held 20 pound weights in each hand.

Next we did Hamstring lifts on the Bosu Ball:

Again, we did this until we could not do another one. It mostly worked our hamstrings, but I felt it in my butt. Benny told us to squeeze our butt as we lift (imagine we were picking up a penny between our butt cheeks) and then hold it for a count of 3.

Next we did:

To make it more difficult, she gave us strength bands to put around the foot of the leg that was lifting up and we held the other end with our stationary hand. We did this until we could not do anymore. I managed to do 25 the first rep, 20 for the 2nd rep and barely 17 for the 3rd rep. And boy did I feel it in my bum!

The 4th exercise was a Squat on the Bosu Ball upside down:

I did 3 sets of 25 of them. I like this squat because you are working your core too because you have to balance. It is rough on the knees, but I built up endurace from the competition doing this. Lyle did regular squats.

I forgot to mention that in between each other the exercises (all four - 1 round), we ran on the treadmill for 3 minutes to keep our heart rate up.

Tonight is another workout with her. Last night, Lyle and I ran around the Lake are Rio. Lyle is not a runner, but he managed 1 mile and we walked 1 mile. He prefers the stairs or the eliptical.