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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Mother Runner House Party

I know. It has been a while. And I promise to catch everyone up.

Tonight, I attended the Mother Runner House Party, co-hosted by Sarah Bowen Shea and Dimity McDowell from Another Mother Runner  and Julie Sapper and Lisa Reichmann at Run Farther and Faster and it inspired me to reconnect with fellow mother runners.

SBS, Lisa, Julie, and Dimity

First I hooked up with Erika from MCM Mama and found out she will be in Richmond too in her quest for 5 half marathons before the end of the year! Woot! Can we say blogger dinner?

The Mother Runner House Party consisted of a lot of mothers. I believe there were 200+ registered. SBS and Dimity reading from their books and even giving us a hint at their third book that in it the works. LOTS and LOTS of giveaways, sadly I did not win anything... but Erika did!

Right before the start of the book reading.

It was nice to meet other mother runners, be recognized from my blog despite my hiatus and see that there is still a rich community of women who are authentic and willing to offer support.

So, with that: I pledge to reconnect and let you all back into my world.

Anyone else attend a Mother Runner House Party out there? Apparently the DC one tonight had the largest turn out thus far! Woot!!

(I know you can see my Ironman pictures above... so yes, that means I finished. Yay, right?! I had delayed posting my race report until I could give Bob, my running partner, the story in person. And while that did happen a few weeks ago, I sadly, did not like the tone of my race recap. It was very negative, because it wasn't all rainbows and sunshine; but I have decided that it wasn't what I wanted you to hear. As I have had time to reflect, I have a different perspective and perhaps it will serve my readers better. I promise, it is coming!)


Darlene said...

Yes, I went to a Mother Runner party

coach dion said...

I'm not a mother... but I can't wait to here about your Ironman...

Had a look at your pictures at the top, and you look amazing in your finish picture, so sunshine and rainbows is was. I looked like hell when I finished my 1st ironman 12 years ago. OK I looked a lot happier than you coming out of the water, but then I was alive (swim was were scary for me) and the cycle and run were alway do-able.