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Monday, May 14, 2012

Importance of a Proper Bike Fit (2 of 2)

So on my last post, I left you with me driving to the original LBS to tell... confront them... to yell at them... to plead my case.

In the car on the way there, I was preparing my speech:

"I had a professional fitting today and was told that this bike was waaaay to big. Like it is a 54 and I was told I should be on a 44. How can that be? I came to you with zero bike experience and knowledge and was led to believe you would fit me with a bike that was appropriate to my height and that I could be successful riding. I feel taken advantage of and feel like I have wasted this past year trying to make this bike work and in no way can it. This store is a partner with the Tri club because your advice is valued and here I was sold a bike extremely too big...."

I rehearsed and rehearsed in the car, fighting tears... getting angry and sad. BTW: It was only a 15 minute drive. ;-)

I arrived, got Athena out, walked in and asked to speak to the manager. And out walks one of our Tri Club members, "Hey, Pinkie, how can I help you?"

I was relieved. I decided not to be angry to just talk. Peter was a friend. I trusted him. So I began:

"Thank God its you Peter. Listen, I just went to get a professional bike fit, and he would not even fit me. He said that the bike was extremely too big. He said this was a Large women's specific Felt in 54 and I needed a petite 44... why would Joe sell me this bike?"

And that is where EVERYTHING started to look up. Peter said, "I can tell from just looking at it that it is too big. Don't worry we will fix this!"

What? No argument? No fight? What did "fix" it mean? Did I have to buy a new bike?

Long story short... without too many questions, Peter and the LBS made it right... not just barely right... I mean... this girl MADE out!!!!

Peter gave me two bikes to test out... and the one that was an "even steven" trade, had "lesser" gears than the one I was had, so I paid a mere $200 more for a WAAAAAY better bike than Athena!

I have ridden this bike for a month now and can totally feel the difference. After my first ride I asked other Tri members, should my butt and quads hurt? Yes, was the answer... I had never had pain in those areas - they never felt worked. Always my calfs.

My average on rides has gone from 15mph to around 17.5 on hilly routes... even got her to 38mph down a hill. And guess what... I haven't chafed at all... at ALL. Lady bits are all good! This is why a proper bike size and fit are important. Please do not delay like I did. Do not always rely on the bike shop, do some research.

And I cannot tell you how happy that my LBS made it right. I will continue to do business with them because they were not afraid to admit that they made a mistake and even better... to make it right.

I now own a Trek:

Isn't she beautiful? But I haven't named her yet. I have one idea that is sort of sticking with me, but I'm not sure.... Athena's name sounded right... I KNEW... and yes, I NEED to name her.



Gaspegirl said...

I just got a new road bike for Mother's day... it is my first! I have been riding X-country bikes for the past two years and really wanted to try the road bikes. My hubby bought me my Bellisima and I love her. BUT you have me thinking that I should have it sized, I think that I will look into it.

Have a great day!

Jen Small said...

the right fit on a bike will not only make it more enjoyable BUT prevent useless injury!
happy to hear LBS did right-your new ride is very pretty!!

maybe you should have a bike naming contest??

Medieval Needle said...

She looks like a Flight. Artemis?

coach dion said...

I like it, the bike looks good... cycled IRONMAN on a big bike, wish I owned a good bike, maybe riding would be fun then...

ride lady ride