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Tuesday, October 4, 2011


I admit, when I see posts about others accomplishments in racing, it makes me a little jealous and A LOT envious.

Ginny posted about an EPIC race (HERE)... first female overall. Tonia recently posted about her top finish (HERE). A local guy in my Tri club posted a race recap (HERE) where he said something that REALLY caught my attention: "Inaugural year".... his first year in competing in Tris he did Olympics, an Ironman and a Half Ironman (although the swim was cancelled due to unsafe conditions)... his FIRST year.

My first year, this year, I *only* did: 1 Sprint and 1 Olympic. And while the Olympic was pretty cool, I felt good about my finish, there was definitely room for improvement. And reading other race reports makes me BELIEVE that I can improve... obviously, I didn't just sign up for a HIM because I believed I would suck. I BELIEVE I can train adequately and compete. No, I won't win AG... but I can compete against the most competitive person I know... ME!

And when I compare myself to you, it isn't that I am being negative about my abilities, it is more that I see so much potential in me. Your races, your places, your goals achieved - pump me up. I feel that I can and WILL be successful! It makes me believe that I TOO can compete in the same fashion. I may not have the same result (it could be even better ;-)), but my goal is the same intensity, to feel the same way you did in your race report.

RACE on, my friends!


momof3 @ Neurosis of the Stay at Home Marathoner said...

Go read T's blog today... really... it ties perfectly to yours. And to mine for that matter.

~savor the run~


ha! we are the three amigos today!

Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

Great post! I love the message. And agree!

You three are on the same wave length today. heehee

coach dion said...

Years ago IRONMAN came to Cape Town and I said, count me in... I didn't say, let me do a Half first, my thoughts, anyone could cycle 180km (ok I can cyle 180km without training) have run lots of marathons, so IRONMAN it is, all I need to do is not drown or get eaten by sharks!!!
Alot of people do to few events, (then there are some like me who do to many) so get out there and compete. you don't need to race to win, most of the time I do them for fun. I love events.