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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Umm... reset?

Today was a down week for my long run. After my 22.65 mile run with Bob (I know... still haven't finished writing it), I only had 10 today.

I set off after the sun came up because it was COLD! Cold is relative... it was 51 degrees... but my little skirt and knee high socks were not doing their thing. I didn't even shed my long sleeve top until mile 10 (or so I thought) and as soon as I did, I was cold again. Anyway, I was plugging along, listening to music and I felt tired. Average pace was little over 9 minute mile. I wasn't paying attention to my Garmin until I shed my top and it said 10 miles.

History: This week I have been swamped doing stuff for the PTA (remember, I wanted this presidency?). I have been averaging about 3-4 hours of sleep each night mainly because I could NOT turn my brain off. I enjoy thinking, but would rather not be reading printing contracts and ad contracts in my head... wondering which way I should go for the School Directory. My body has felt fatigued because I haven't been getting much sleep and because I am at the point in my MTP where the miles are high.

Okay, back to the story. I head home, come inside... chat with my kids. Garmin read 11.8 miles. I felt good, tired, but good. As I headed upstairs to shower, the clock read 7:55. WHAT? It should have read 8:55. What? And that is when I realized I had not reset my Garmin from my 5 mile run.... and I only ran 6.8. CRAZY.

I felt stupid. I couldn't believe that I was so tired, or so in the zone... that I "thought" I had ran for an hour, 40 minutes... when it was only an hour. CRAZY!

So since I am a runner first, and a logical thinker second - I said goodbye to the family and headed out for 5 more miles. After kicking myself and wondering how on earth I could have thought I was running for 40 minutes longer than I was (I mean, CRAZY, right?) I actually enjoyed it.

I averaged 8:45 for the last 5 miles... and rather kinda enjoyed the 10 minute rest in between. I am calling it Transition 1 (T1). It doesn't bode well in Triathlons to have a long T1, but for today's long run it did.

Please... someone out there... tell me this has happened to you before... Anyone? (Bueller? Bueller?)

I think I will go to bed early tonight (maybe with the help of a little meds) and REST tomorrow!


MomRunningFromCancer said...

Seriously - I know that you KNOW this . . . but you can't train on that little sleep! First and foremost you need to take care of yourself. You have HIGH expectations out of your body and for it to succeed you need to make sure it is rested! Get some sleep and don't stress out about maybe , just maybe missing some mileage so that your body can rest.

OK - I feel like your sister! BUT am just a follower who cares!


That is seriously funny. Sorry, but it is. Be sure to take care of yourself! Go take a nap!

Lisa said...

can't say that i've ever done that, but it sounds like something that i'd do!

XLMIC said...

I have done that w/o a Garmin... just added wrong or forgot something or was dumb :P

Good for you for getting back out there :)