John 8:32 "Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free." NIV

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tuesday Truths

1. I have stopped having dailymile post my workouts to Facebook. I think I liked it because I was bragging about my awesomeness... but that is exactly why I have decided not to post them there any more.  In all seriousness, it held me accountable... but also exposed a little too much of myself. I almost deleted my FB account... I know ! So if we aren't friends on dailymile and you are interested in seeing me brag there, friend me: hahleewude

2. I do NOT enjoy running by myself. This morning, I ran 4 outside and the last 2 inside because I was up too late and did not wake up in time to do the whole workout before my husband left. No, I am not lazy! I was outside running by 4:30am, but hubby leaves at 5am, so I had to be back. It was easier to run outside than on Milles, but my mirror rather enjoyed my strip show. The BEST part about running inside is that I can run in virtually anything... or in this case, practically nothing!

3. I was having a conversation with a friend yesterday and she mentioned that she still had a "fat" picture of me as my contact picture in her phone. It alarmed and intrigued me. She said that she liked that she knew me "then" but my whole reaction... was, "why did you like me better then?" And honestly, her answer didn't surprised me. Her round-about-protect-my-feelings answer was YES! Apparently, my weight loss has increased my confidence (or in her eyes: obnoxious workout all the time attitude) and she missed the old me. WOW! I was hoping I was encouraging her to get healthy.... but apparently I have been jamming it down her throat!

4. We have not been having the best summer in the Green household. Kiera has been incredibly "leechy" since school has been out. Did I mention she is 8. Then topped with her "stomach aches" at convenient times and her inability for me to leave her without hysterics has left me begging for time alone. Brock has been having what he calls "visions" so his eye appointment is this afternoon and has been refusing to go to bed... or to have one of us sleep with him. Yeah, he is 6.5 years old. So, my husband decided: NO VACATION for us! He believes it just isn't worth us being away from home to be miserable, plus we were staying with "older" friends who haven't had kids living with them for 20+ years... not the best idea. I think we are going to try to do day trips... which can be fun, but still mean I have to do laundry and cook! BOOO!

5. Not only am I obsessed with my training, I am obsessed with cleaning, organizing... de-cluttering. I cannot stand CLUTTER! I am not saying you can eat off the toilet seats on anything (well, right now you can because I scrubbed the bathrooms this morning and they haven't been used since), but clutter, messes really drive me crazy. And my kids (and husband) like to just "drop" things where ever they are. I am constantly tossing (perhaps gently ;-) ) their stuff to them to get it off of my counters, tables, stairs. Why can't people (my family) simply put things where they belong? Oh and the best part is sometimes, they "claim" they don't know where it goes. Really? You really think shoes belong on the kitchen table or a hair brush belongs on the couch? COME ON PEOPLE!

6. My stitches come out today at 3pm... hopefully, as long as I am healed enough. Supposed to wait until Friday, but the doctor was leaving town and I am supposed to swim that 2 mile OWS for charity on Sunday, so she agreed to evaluate them today. Praying they come out... and if they do, I will be swimming this evening!!!!!

After re-reading these, I think I need to spend more time being THANKFUL. Guess, I am bringing back Thankful Thursday.... maybe 4T - Three Things Thankful Thursday!


LB said...

ive stopped posting my DM entries on FB too, i think it annoyed a lot of people.

surprising conversation with your friend. i have a friend that i think feels the same way about me

hope those stitches come out 2m ROCK!

Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

#3 (deep breath) I know that I am only one person. I know that you are only one person. But it seems to me that nothing will change if people stay comfortable. I understand it is each person's choice about where and how they share information so I'm not knocking your chose to no longer post your workouts on FB. Just this morning I got an email from a friend who was frantic that she had shared a bikini photo of herself publicly (accidently) on FB. This friend is amazingly healthy and well rounded. She fits fitness, great nutrition, family and work into nearly each day. I admire her. But she was worried that her photo would be too much. I responded "too much what? inspiration? motivation? a knock up-side the head to do something so I can look better?"

Nothing will change in the typical american's life until everything changes. Until the thought is more about what purposeful exercise will we do day take the place of what shows will we watch and what dinner will we eat (americans are too food focused!) nothing will change.

You are a shining examle of how to change your lifestyle. Is that bragging? No. Let's talk faith. Was Christ braggin when he lead by example? Was He shoving it down their throats? You, my friend are a welcome and wonderful example now as I am sure you were then.

Feel free to delete this novel of a comment. I dont mean to offend anyone esp. you. I just don't agree with keeping it a secret...we are to lead by all areas of our lives.

teacherwoman said...

Great post. I too have been linking my workouts from DM to FB and have quit once before and thought about quitting again. I have a friend that has just started running and found inspiration in some of my posts as I do of hers, so I was posting them on FB again... but, for those non-runners and non-workout friends, I feel they have taken offense to my daily DM posts. Sometimes FB can be too inviting if you know what i mean.

Beana said...

I kinda go back and forth with sharing my workout stuff. I do it b/c I'm proud of myself and b/c sometimes I hope I can encourage people that if I can fit it in with a job and three young kids, they can too. But sometimes people make comments that make it seem like they think I am bragging or that I make them look bad for not exercising. So I don't do it much anymore. I guess I"m glad I have daily mile because I can share all I want there!!