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Friday, August 19, 2011

Friday's Fret, Fact, and Fun

Fret - 16 miles tomorrow...all alone. Yep, I am still freaking out about it. The strange thing is that I will be doing so many more longer runs alone too, so why is 16 freaking me out? I thought about splitting the run into 2 parts: 8, then stop by the house: refill water/gatorade and use the bathroom and head out again. But then I thought, what if after 8, I won't want to go back out. So I am trying to come up with another plan. Maybe a new path would motivate me....

Fact- My dog, Dolce, the Wonder Dog, has more play dates than my kids. My neighbor has a Sheltie, named Billy... who is often full of himself. Without two kids to chase Billy around (like Dolce has), Billy is energetic and ready to play - ALL THE TIME! I like having Dolce play with Billy because she is exhausted when she comes home - and poor Billy has barely broken a sweat. They seem to be great pals... which makes for an interesting combination.

photo courtesy of Billy's daddy.

Fun- Next week is the last week before school starts here. I decided to make this week, for kids, about them. Zoo, County Fair, Waterpark Chuck E. Cheese (due to T-storms), and today is a day with Grandma. A friend commented on Facebook that I must be a cool mom... and I thought, yeah, it is easier to be a cool mom when I don't work full-time. My kids *have* had a great time. And are excited each day to find out what is in store - I never tell them ahead of time in case plans change, like T-storms preventing waterpark fun. I am pretty sure I will miss them when they go back to school.
70 foot drop. Brock wanted to go again... Kiera hugged me for a while.


a said...

Billy loves to play with Dolce! Her bed time is later than the kids, or I'd be happy to have play date with them, too!

Billy's Mommy.

Rene' said...

you are going to ROCK your 16 tomorrow! I have faith in you!!! xoxoxo!!

momof3 @ Neurosis of the Stay at Home Marathoner said...

I don't know what to say about the 16 miler, except take me with you... oh, wait...

I think you should go ahead and fill the iPod, but don't use it initially. Put it on you, but don't turn it on until mile 5 when you refill/gu/etc.

For tomorrows run I want you to think about how strong you are, and how on race day you're going to run in the same great form and mental strength that you will use for this 16 miler. Don't think of this as 16 miles, think of this as the miles from 10 - 26... Maybe that will help make it more epic. I KNOW you can do this, you KNOW you can do this. DO NOT take NO for answer.

I will send you a 14 page e-mail for you to ponder while you run, if you want. I would do that for you. OH, I KNOW WHAT I WILL DO! I will send you a story that I save for my "long runs". The kind of story I pull out for my POSSE to crack them up. Too bad I can't voice it to you into your iPod somehow so you can truly get it mid-run... :)

kimert said...

Don't fret. You're gonna kick that 16 miler's butt!