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Friday, July 1, 2011

June Stats and Race Calendar

I cannot believe it is July already. Where did June go?

Here are my stats:

Total: 223 (down from 313 in May)
Total for 2011: 1316 miles

Run: 83 (down from 85 in May)
Swim: 6 (down from 8 in May)
Bike: 134 (down from 220 in May)

Interesting to see how fast stats can change when a) the kids are out of school and b) I tapered for PHLYTRI.

I am really looking forward to more running. As far as future races, here is what I have on deck:

July 10th - DCTRI Practice Sprint Tri
July 16th - Rockville Rotary Twilight 8K
July 24th - Rocketts Landing - OLY Tri - (thinking about it)
Aug. 7th - Riley's Rumble (13.1) or 2 mile OWS for "PurpleSwim"
Aug 28th - Annapolis 10 miler (running with TriGuy)
Sept 11th - Parks Half Marathon (not registered yet but with Bob)
Sept 11th - Nation's Tri - Oly (currently sold out)
Oct. 15th - Baltimore Half Marathon (running with TriGuy)
Nov. 12th - Suntrust Richmond Marathon (running with Bob)

Potentials for 2012:

May 6 - Takoma City Marathon
Sept - 70.3 - Richmond

I have a lot to think about. Racing any other same races as me?



Race Rocketts! Kelly and Dee are and G and I could probably volunteer! Do it!

Carrie said...

I've signed up for both the Rockville Twilighter and the Parks Half.

Would be great to meet you!

Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

I am race barren until fall (for now) but I usually pick races that I can drop into last minute (i.e., small down scale trail races).

Your schedule would make me puke with nervousness. And those tris. You are an all around athlete! I can barely doggie paddle.

Great month and nice looking future plans.