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Thursday, July 7, 2011


1. Insomnia - seems to be common in blog world, but I REFUSE to sit in bed and toss and turn. Two mornings this week I ran instead. This morning, there was enough time to run outside before my husband left for work. There is definitely something eerie about stepping outside before 4am to go for a jog. It is cooler in the morning, but the humidity is definitely still there.

And both times, I have returned, toweled off and fallen back to sleep. Yes, I did finally wash the sheets this morning. I wish I could sleep all night/morning long, but there is something to be said about having your run over with by 5am. How do you cope with insomnia?

2. No plan - I am currently in between training plans. My marathon training plan does not begin for a couple weeks and this means I have freedom to do what I want. I love and hate it. I love that I am not tied down to workouts but I think I like to know what I am supposed to be doing. This week I have already done more workouts that the last 3 weeks of my Olympic Tri plan.

And while it is NOT a bad thing, it has caused a tired body (combined with the insomnia). I do not want to get injured, so I need to play this smart. Maybe I should just start my marathon training plan early... thoughts?

Swim portion of PHLY Tri - 6/26/11
3. Practice Tri - This Sunday, TG and I are doing a practice Tri with the DCTRI Club. It is a 400m pool swim, 17 mile bike ride around Hans Point and a 3.2 mile run. TG said to look at it as a workout, but I am having a hard time not viewing it as a race. Not sure how I will do in a pool swim, but hope I don't freak out.

This practice Tri will more than likely will be my last Tri of the year. I want to do more, but I am not sure I will be able to find one. Nations Tri is September 11th, but is currently sold out. And VERY expensive. I am NOT giving up my Tri workouts as the bike and swim serve as great cross training and will surely help me in my marathon training. Do you have any races that you would LOVE to do?


Lisa said...

Did you just say you hope you don't freak out in a pool swim? Isn't it usually the other way around (freaking out in open water)? You'll be fine. :-)

Sarah said...

You are far more productive dealing with your insomnia than I was. I spent my awake time watching Twilight and New Moon over and over. It was my third trimester though, so a 4am run wasn't happening.