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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Running too fast

Last night, my Olympic Tri plan called for 14 minutes of threshold running and a warm-up and cool down for a total of 38 minutes. I hesitated to pay Milles a visit, but decided I preferred to run outside. I grabbed my water belt and hit the road a little before 7pm. It was 84 degrees and the humidity made me sweat just trying to get my Garmin to locate the satelite. I put my headphones in and ran.

I was feeling good. My legs felt strong, but my arms were tired from the swim workout the day before. I also firgured out a setting on my Garmin (thanks to TG) that I had not used... ever. Current Pace. Sounds simple enough, but all last year (while training for the marathon) I used Average Pace... and never knew what I was running right then. TG has a knack for guessing our pace. I do NOT. I was hoping to run my thresholds at 8 min/miles and my cool down and warm up at 8:30 min/miles. Every time I looked at my Garmin, I was running under 8. UGH!

My slowest mile was mile 1 at 8:15 and there is a HUGE hill. I couldn't slow down. I remembered a trick that Bob told me a while ago about stopping to walk to get my legs out of the tempo of running fast. Even that did not do the trick. Not sure if it was the heat (meaning I wanted to get my run over with) or if I am really getting that much faster.

My speed I have attributed to running with TG. He is fast. Beyond fast... like, I probably should not be running with him because he is too fast. Like his long run pace is faster than 8:30 min/miles, and for me, that is hard to maintain for 10+ miles. When I think I cannot maintain that pace, TG encourages me... (gives me stuff) about not keeping up with him. It is motivating, but I am afraid I have slowed him down more than I have kept up with him.

So I finished 6.3 miles  in under 50 minutes. My average pace was under 8 minutes for the entire run. It sounds good... but I wasn't following the plan. Being too fast can hurt me... and I REALLY need to follow the plan. I know... I know.... cry me a river, I ran too fast.
How do you run slower when you plan calls for it?


B.o.B. said...

You are right to try and stick to the pace b/c the plan will help you stay uninjured. If you are consistently running faster then maybe your plan needs a re-tool? Keep up the good work!