John 8:32 "Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free." NIV

Sunday, June 5, 2011


Change... yes, it is ever present on my mind these days. Bob moving away. Playing a full-time working mom with a part time job last week. Training for triathlons not just marathons. School ending and summer break beginning.

Today is Ascension Sunday in the church. This day celebrates the time Jesus walked the earth with the disciples after He rose from the dead and finally when He ascends into Heaven to be seated at the right hand of God. My pastor talked about change too. His main point was that Jesus wanted us not to wait around for Him to return (change), but to BE change in the world around us. We could count down the days and wait for Jesus to come, or we could share love in the world while we are still here. We really *don't* know when the world will end  (despite many people's predictions). Honestly, I think this is why we don't know when we are going to die. Sure, it may be easier to plan ahead... get everything in order, but would we be living to die? Shouldn't we be living to LIVE?

Change is hard. I had a friend this week post on FB that they were waiting for someone to help them. After her third similar status post, I finally decided to comment and say, "Sometimes, we have to make change for ourselves!"

This may not be what she was wanting... but sometimes tough love does the trick. I am not sure it has in this case, but we cannot wait to make changes in our life: repair broken relationships, start eating healthy and exercising... we always feel like we have time. But do we really?

If we live each day, like it is our last, we WILL make change. Don't wait. Start NOW! Call that friend that hurt you and repair that friendship. Get moving and make time for at least 30 minutes of cardio in your day. Make wise food selections... look at food as fuel for your body instead of just pleasure all the time.

We could sit and wait... wait for someone else to do it, to help us. Or we can stand up... right NOW and make change.
What have you been waiting for and how can you make that change?


Melissa Cunningham said...

great post chica!
just what i needed to hear!
thank you for sharing!

H Love said...

you made me want to sing "man in the mirror'!

Lisa said...

I was thinking something similar the other day, only it came to me more as the lyrics to a Switchfoot song state it "This is your life. Is this who you want to be?"

And if the answer isn't a resounding YES, now is the time to change things so that it can be a YES

Richelle said...

Wow, I really like this post! Thanks for sharing your thoughts... you are so right!