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Thursday, May 5, 2011


1. I finally decided on a training plan for Philly Olympic Tri on June 26th. I am using Matt Fitzgerald's Essential Week-by-week Training guide (that I have had for 3 months now) Oly Level 3 plan, but having to start at week 9 since Philly is not 16 weeks away. (DOH - should have started 7 weeks ago).  I attempted my first workout last night.... was not completely successful. It called for: Lactate intervals 30 seconds at VO2 max/ 30 seconds at recovery for 38 min. I did 30 sec at 7:15 / 30 sec at 8:30 for 25 minutes but started with a mile warmup at 8:30 pace and a mile cool down at 9 min pace.

2. It has gotten HOT here.... well, more like every other day is hot. What ever happened to the gradual warm up of Spring into Summer? On Tuesday afternoon, I attempted another Brick. My goal was to do an easy bike ride for 1:30 and then run for 30. I did 23 miles in 1:32, and ran 3.5 in 28:45. I was hot on the bike ride, but averaging around 15 mph, it doesn't feel as hot. The run was SUPER HOT, like I thought it was over 100 degrees. I took a 25 minute cold shower and was still sweating 30 minutes later. Don't worry, I learned my lesson about hydration.... I did hydrate!

3. Okay, I have been told I'm competitive.... actually TG said, "hypercompetitive" and I need you all to settle this debate. Is it considered "hypercompetitive" that I try to complete the workouts that he does or that I get "upset" with myself that I cannot run or bike as fast as he can? Not upset in that I throw a tantrum, more like a little down on myself. I think it is a healthy competition. I think he has pushed me to be faster, go longer, not give-up so easily.  If he gets an extra workout in, I try to squeeze on in too! I would LOVE to be as fast as he is.... but I think he believes I am trying to "out do" him, which really is impossible! Thoughts? Isn't Imitation the biggest form of flattery?

Also, how do you solve your "debates" with your running partners? A race? LOL!


momof3 said...

LOL ~ well.... I can't tell the whole story here.... but I've had similar issues.

Needless to say, I think you're competitive, and I think you should embrace it.

I'm "Too" competitive for some people, and "perfectly" competitive to others. So I hang with the people who like competitiveness. I'm only competitive with ME (well... and a FEW others in my AG). A coach once told me, "there's nothing wrong with a little healthy competition, as long as you are not tripping the person or tapping them on the head as you pass them...." And I'm not going to say I haven't been tempted...

Erika said...

There's nothing more motivating than working out with people who push you...