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Friday, April 22, 2011

Oly Training

It dawned on me during a recent run that Philly is a little over 2 months away. OUCH!

Now going into Rumpus, I do not think I actually trained for it. Sure, I swam, spent time on Athena, and of course my true love, running; but I didn't follow a plan and my results speak to that.

I hear you.. I know you are saying.. what? A 1:40 time is great for my first Tri. Despite meeting all of my goals (except transition) for Rumpus in Bumpass (love that name), I KNOW I can do better. My goals were REALLY attainable and exactly what I think a first crack at a Triathlon should be, but there was no pressure. I really didn't try hard. Don't get me wrong, it WAS tough, but .... I do not know how to explain it except, I KNOW I can do better.

The look of sheer exhaustion.
So, I have committed to training, I mean, really training, specifically, for Philly. I do not know exactly which plan I will be following, but I have 8 weeks. I am starting with a 40 mile ride on Athena with the group on Saturday (hoping the rain in the forecast completely disappears). I don't want to look like this coming out of the swim EVER AGAIN.

Also, part of this training mode is to go back to eating for fuel, not for pleasure. I haven't really gained weight (gained some, lost more) but I haven't been eating enough calories for the training that is required. I got lazy, snagged an Italian ice with the kids here and opted for more than one bacon-cheese burger at Five Guys (YUM!) a week there.... but starting today... I am heading back to the fueling tent.
What obstacles are holding you back from VICTORY?


LB said...

the fear of open water is holding me back (going to work on that this weekend...check!) and my diet is holding me back...i too eat for sheer pleasure!

Julie said...

8 weeks is a great amount of time to really nail this!

The main obstacle holding me back is the heat...and there is not much I can do about that. We train in Spring Oregon weather - wet and cold - and then my A race is in hot high desert Oregon at about 90 degrees.
I don't remember the heat affecting me like this when I was younger.

momof3 said...

Hilarious timing on this ... NOTHING is holding me back starting on SUNDAY. My HD hold NO MORE OVER ME. And so... I just finished constructing my SPRINT TRI plan from scratch last night. Keeping in mind though - it's a 300M pool swim, so NOTHING like what you dealt with a Rumpass.

Rene' said...

Food, Food, Food which I am taking control of as of now. I have gained weight since last year at this time and I need to take a step back and get CONTROL! I need a sub 1:50 half in 4 weeks for a coral at Chicago and need to get ready. Let the plans begin.